Zindagi Wins 6th Episode 28th March 2015, Aaliya’s concerns – Saving Job & Ishaan’s new phase, on Bindass TV – Written Update


Zindagi Wins new show on Bindass TV

Aaliya talks about a special friend who can help 24/7, sometimes by giving useless but also with useful advice. We call them 4 am buddies, and in medical term they are referred as on-call doctors. She want to become one such doctor and carries the dream. The young on-call doctor Dr. Rahul finds Rocky – a celebrity coming at Life Beat hospital as a patient, and other hospital patient’s relatives run to see him. Mariyam sends away while Dr. Rahul attends him and learns that Rocky got a throat infection. Rocky wants a specialist and no less, and threatens him which makes Rahul calling a resident doctor. Aaliya attends the meeting with Dr. Sinha, Malvika and KD – the management head. Malvika wants to not give permission to Aaliya, and Aaliya defends herself of helping the patient. The hospital head KD speaks that Life Beat hospital is a private one and not charitable and asks Aaliya to leave and they will inform her later about final decision. Dr. Sinha speaks in Aaliya’s favour and thinks she deserves a chance, and he brings the matter of celebrity patient and also 4 new patients are inducted. So, they need doctors on duty.

KD agrees with Dr. Sinha’s suggestion and Malvika decides to give Aaliya punishment and also remind that she will not handle cases but will do Anemia laxative to relieve patient’s constipation. Aaliya goes to an old patient who was about to get Anemia from Mariyam but she goes there to give him the Anemia. Ishaan comes there and meets Aaliya and she asks for his help and wants him to convince Rocky for her. She asks him to help her for their friendship A resident doctor comes to meet Rocky and informs him of the throat infection. Malvika informs Rocky that his vocal chord is putting pressure on the throat leading to the swelling. This swelling can be solved using a small surgery. Rocky doesn’t want to have a surgery and doesn’t want to take risk with his voice. His manager suggests they can go to US and have treatment instead of surgery. Malvika informs them ultimately they have to decide. Aaliya comes to meet Rocky and introduces herself as his biggest fan. She calls his song as an inspiration, and thinks their life stories are similar. She never got a chance to stand for the Govinda Handi Dahi festival like him. He speaks up on telling those things during interviews.


She informs that in US there is much cold, and on emotional note talks about British being sent away so why he wants to go abroad. She asks what will be his respect if he goes abroad and get treatment. She then talks about the doctors there being rockstar and calls Ishaan. Ishaan comes there and he greets Rocky. Rocky doesn’t want to have a surgery and Ishaan says no problem. Rocky gets upset and starts speaking on signing 1 crore contract. He needs to go to US for a concert next month and doesn’t want to have surgery and gets more upset. Ishaan informs him that he is worried with the surgery and Rocky thinks them as the marketing people. Ishaan speaks of understanding and wants to say 2 things about him: 1. Doctors think his situation is critical and his voice can go away permanently if not treated with surgery; 2. Requests Rocky to speak with his mom as she is a big fan. Ishaan keeps the consent form there and asks Rocky if he changes his mind he can sign. Meanwhile, Malvika asks Aaliya whether she gave the Anemia and asks her to not attend Rocky’s case. She doesn’t want to listen to Ishaan as well. Later, Ishaan and Aaliya are at the cafeteria and she thinks Rocky’s life is like a Bollywood story. He had bought a car for his mom with his first music salary.

She thinks first thing they need to think is how to take Rocky to the operation theatre (OT) unlike Malvika’s planning and efforts on how to have an operation there. She then asks Ishaan to tell something about him and Malvika. Ishaan tells her to stick to Rocky. She wants to know about him and her. He informs that Malvika considers planning more important than him. Ishaan comes back to Aaliya before leaving to home and asks Aaliya whether she is ready to return. She pulls his leg by speaking of her astrologer telling that she is going to kill someone and both pull each other’s leg. Aaliya wants to convince Rocky and also impress Malvika and then asks Ishaan what is his relationship with Malvika – love, anger, respect. He thinks that is a good foundation of a love story and says goodbye. Malvika meets KD and she speaks that all cases are important. Aaliya comes to meet Malvika and speaks of doing research on Anemia. She speaks of diet changes and physical exercises can relieve constipation and no need of laxatives and she learnt it from research in Sweden where these tests have been applied on patients. KD hears it and gets agitated and speaks on having a contract with companies for Anemia kits and doesn’t want to apply research results since business matters to him. Malvika infroms Aaliya they will do first surgery and then talk. Ishaan speaks to Aaliya of having two teams there – doctors and business.

Malvika informs KD about her final decision that Rocky need to take the final call as he is an Adult. Later, Aaliya comes to meet Rocky and he finds her as a doctor and gets shock. He speaks of being stressed and she then talks about the surgery – putting a small tube to remove the swelling and there will be no switches in the surgery. She then talks about listening to songs – suppressor, and sings the song – Jab Life Thokee..Thoke.. He asks her to not sing, and speaks of his worry what if his voice go away and is scared. Ishaan starts a classical song in his phone which is from Rocky’s Pandit ji. Aaliya asks Rocky to have confidence in God and doctors and she is only asking. He finally decides to have the surgery and gives the go-ahead. Dr. Sinha and Malvika go on to complete the surgery, and later asks Malvika whether she know what Aaliya has done i.e., her efforts to convince Rocky. After a while, Rocky’s manager is anxious since he is not speaking. Ishaan speaks that Rocky is in panic mode and the manager speaks of taking the hospital to court by evening if Rocky doesn’t speak. Ishaan reiterates that Rocky is scared and they need to compel him to speak. KD speaks of hating lawyers and leaves in angry mode.

Malvika looks at Aaliya who speaks of the time to give Anemia to the patient and leaves. Soon, Aaliya comes inside Rocky’s room and he signals her to go. But she sticks around, she suggests if he tries to speak only then the doctors can help him. Rocky’s Guru ji comes there and he greets him and soon starts speaking. Rocky starts singing as well and she tells him to calm down. Rocky is glad and apologizes to Aaliya for being rude earlier, and even showers a hug by taking her permission. Later, Aaliya and Ishaan go to a pub and take shots. She is glad to have the problem resolved in the end. Malvika also comes to the same bar with Dr. Sinha, and finds Ishaan having good time with Aaliya there. She excuses herself at first on wanting to leave but decides to not go so as to keep an eye on Aaliya – Ishaan. They look at the news channel to find Rocky giving an interview to the media and credits Dr. Aaliya Akhtar for his voice and calls her as the rockstar. Dr. Sinha compliments Aaliya while being present with Malvika, and soon Malvika gets much uncomfortable and suggests they can leave. Ishaan also looks at Malvika leaving from there. When Dr. Sinha asks Malvika whether she has moved on, she replies yes.

Meanwhile, Aaliya and Ishaan take more shots and come out of the bar. Aaliya finds a note from malvika – She can join work but Use your head. Aaliya speaks of getting tired of giving Anemia but now has a relieve. Ishaan congratulates her for the re-appointment order and she thinks celebration is needed. They go to take a taxi as both are drunk and cannot drive. She then talks of helping him so that he can move on from Malvika and takes out his wallet to find Malvika’s photo. She burns a photo and he calls her unbelievable in doing so. He speaks of feeling scared to say good or bad on that development, and she thinks he has moved on and forgotten Malvika and they can celebrate his official break-up. Ishaan and Aaliya enjoy a night out and take selfies as well.. [Daru Desi.. song plays]. Later, Ishaan wakes up to find himself in Aaliya’s home and also finds her sleeping nearby in the same room. He gets shocked and much nervous to see her there.

Some Info on Additional Cast:
* Rocky – the celebrity portrayed by actor Suyyash Rai, and KD is portrayed by actor Dishank Arora.

Episode Video:
[youtube id=https://youtu.be/RQ5siVRuPRw]



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