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Ankur calls Sooraj and Sandhya and gives a shocking news about Vansh getting missing from the hospital. They rush to the hospital. Sooraj and Sandhya break down in tears and wish to see Vansh fine. Ankur blames Bhabho and says you have sent Babasa home with both the babies. He asks Bhabho to return Vansh and argues with her. Bhabho says she has given him the baby by her wish, why will she take him. Sandhya tells Ankur that Bhabho never lies, if she said she did not take Vansh, it means she did not take him. Ankur calls her Bhabho’s Bhakt. Sooraj asks Ankur to calm down and they worry for Ved, who is not with Babasa. The big twist comes when both babies get missing.

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Jamai Raja:

Roshni and Yash are found in compromising position, and this makes Simran angry. Simran throws Roshni’s bag and asks Nani to take Roshni with her. Roshni says she is sure when Sid comes, he will believe her. She says till Sid comes, she will not leave the house with the wrong blame. Sid comes home and asks whats going on. Sid breaks Roshni’s heart once again. Sid stays silent after knowing everything and Roshni gets shattered. Simran kicks her out of home. The moment when Roshni is being kicked, Sid holds Roshni’s hand and says Roshni is my wife, she is my pride, she can’t do anything wrong. Roshni cries and he gets her inside the house again. Sid says if Roshni is asked to leave home, then he will also go along.

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Ahem tells Gopi that he does not want to see her face and shouts on her. He asks her to get out of his room. Gopi argues equally and their similar nok jhok like before starts. He says he always supports truth and scolds her. Kokila looks on their fight and feels helpless. Ahem says he hates to see Gopi around him. Gopi initially used to bear his anger, but over the years she has changed and left her crying avatar. Ahem says everyone knows she did not give any sacrifice, but she has ruined her daughter’s future. Gopi says she has done everything for Modi family and could not focus on her daughter. Ahem has bitterness in his heart. Meera misbehaves with Ahem and he blames Gopi for such bad upbringing of Meera. Kokila asks Gopi to leave the Modi house.

Satrangee Sasural:

Aarushi sits to do some work and does not see her saree catching the fire. One of her mum in law sees this and blows off the fire in nick of the time and saves her. Aarushi tells her that she did not see the fire as she was making her office presentation and missed to see the aarti plate kept beside. Aarushi puts effort to become perfect Bahu and to win the heart of her mom-in laws.

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With amazing performances in the recent episodes, many characters have been ruled out in the show after the death sequence. However, Maai Mui returns to the show with a new look. Rudra is again is disbelief seeing her alive and she tells him that she is the seventh Garuda Bhairvi, who is just visionary for his help. Maai Mui takes the charge to guide Rudra and all the Garudas through the battle with the Naagvansh. Dansh has been shown very powerful having killer attitudes and he is waiting to face Rudra after capturing Shivanand. The chase between them will be delight to watch as Dansh fools the Garudas to track Shivanand and make Rudra reach him alone. While Maya has kept Rudra and all Garudas busy with her bad health, when everyone got killed. Does Maya has any grey side to her motives?


The good thing in the show came finally. Dada ji has changed and has got positive about Radha. Well, the fact is Dada ji has to pay for the mistake he did. Rakesh does not listen to Dada ji and files the FIR against LD and his family on Radha’s behalf by using her signed paper. Radha panics being unaware of her uncle’s doings and takes the pandit ji along with her to the police station. The marriage will be happening after many twists and turns. Dada ji feels ashamed and guilty to admits his mistake infront of LD and everyone. He fears to lose LD’s love and trust. Radha comes to rescue and takes all the blame on her, to end the matter and keep Dada ji’s respect in everyone’s eyes.

KumKum Bhagya:

After Pragya’s love confession to him in her unique way, that love happened unintentionally as she could not stop herself from loving him because he is super good. Abhi gets stunned for a while and thinks about her love proposal. Back home, Abhi shares happiness after a long time and producers of his concert wants to keep a welcome party for Abhi. Pragya gets shy as Abhi stares on. Tanu gets jealous seeing their eyelocks and romantic nuances. Abhi and Pragya have got tied by love and now that they are back home, Abhi feels to share his feelings with Pragya. The party track will be bringing more of Abhi and Pragya’s newly found love and romance.

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Suhani spends time in the lawn thinking over Yuvraaj and Soumya. Yuvraaj tries to talk to Suhani. She tries to avoid him. She has a storm in her heart and she is battling with herself to keep or break the marriage. He holds her hand and stops her. He asks her not to leave the home. He sees her much worried and accepts his mistake that he did not say the truth to her on time. She argues and he gets close to stop her. He asks her to trust him once and give a chance to him to make everything fine. Suhani gets hurt in the arguments and he cares for her feet. He puts water on her feet and she still looks upset. She wishes he too loves her and thinks she should not expect it. Dadi asks Yuvraaj’s decision infront of everyone and he keeps tight-lipped like always. Dadi states that its his yes and announces his marriage with Soumya, saying she will take care of the divorce process.

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Nisha and Kabir have married and are off to his home. Viraj is unable to digest Nisha’s rejection and does not realize how she felt when he rejected her love just for the silly name mistake. While Nisha has made Viraj ponder over the fact that true love does not depend on any identity, Viraj has now turned crazy for her. Viraj decides to get back Nisha in his life at any cost and could not bear losing out his love to Kabir. The royal man has now been obsessed in love as he fears to accept the love failure and is clear now that Nisha did not cheat him. Viraj’s servant is still hiding the fact from him that Kabir is his mum’s illegitimate child, while knowing that their blood relations can bring more bitterness in broken Viraj. Viraj does not want Nisha to forget him and vows that he will never let her move on with Kabir. Kabir knows Nisha’s feelings for Viraj and heals her broken heart by his true friendship and caring support. Viraj is anxious to know why Nisha chose Kabir over him and thinks once he finds the reason, he will get Nisha back. Is Viraj’s love-turned-craze pose a problem for Nisha?


Ishita comes to meet Ruhi while she gets ready for the ad shoot. Ruhi misbehaves with Ishita and feels Ishita cheated her. She acts rude to her and says she is still angry on her. Ruhi changes towards her and asks Shagun to take her home. Ishita cries seeing her behavior. Raman looks on and Ishita explains Ruhi that she loves her a lot. Shagun gets glad seeing Ruhi treat Ishita like strangers.  Shagun goes to taunt Ishita and asks her not to create any problems in her life. Ishita scolds Shagun for using Ruhi for maintaining her standards.

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Raghav realized his big mistake and crime of trying to kill Darpan/Riya with poison, and the realization came after she saved his life, and not letting Ganesh to kill him. Vishwas Rao aka Bhao gets to know of Raghav inching closer to the truth and goes ahead to kill Darpan at the hospital. He takes out her life support but she would recover and be fine. As the truth of Vishwas Rao’s crime in murdering Narayani – Raghav’s mom is getting unfolded, Raghav’s doubts will become reality. His fatherly-like figure representation of Bhao gets a severe beating. Raghav is now in repentance mode towards Darpan, while go on in revenge mode against Bhao. Dev Pratap – brother of Bhao is in coma, and Bhao hides the truth of their relationship with the doctors, and anxiously waits for his recovery to ascertain who burnt the factory. Amidst all, what is the role of Ganesh in unraveling the truth to Raghav about Bhao. Will Bhao face punishment for all the crimes: Good winning over Evil ?


Tejaswini threatens Chakor that if she tells Suraj’s name then she is going to face severe consequences. Later, Chakor is called by the principal where there is a meeting in presence of staff with Bhaiya ji heading it. He asks Chakor to disclose the name of person/s who has put her life in danger by locking her inside the class. Suraj gets much tensed as he is the culprit while Chakor starts to point finger to reveal his misdeed. Chakor has two things in her mind: Suraj’s mom Tejaswini’s threat  & possess courage while having compassion. Will Chakor give Suraj a chance to repent on his mistake which seems to be the plausible outcome, or Is she going to reveal Suraj’s name for his misdeed ?

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Qubool Hai:

Aahil manages to have some contact with Sanam finally after calling her with his phone. He was looking for Sanam and after coming to the hospital to meet Dilawar he came to know about her and the truth. He gets teary eyed and also has tears when he hears her voice on phone and there is an emotional moment. But Sanam who has memory loss couldn’t recognize him and his voice. She introduces herself as Jannat when he asked about her identity but he is sure it is Sanam’s voice and thus Sanam. He misses Sanam dearly but before he could speak more the new Sanam comes from behind and hits him with a rod. She is in disguise and took the role of nurse. Nevertheless, Aahil gets unconscious after getting hit and this development paves the way for a twist on the show. Aahil’s face is going to change and he is going to realize it after coming to consciousness. What event triggered it in the plot has to be seen. Actor Rahul Sharma [Star Plus’ Ek Ghar Banaunga] is expected to be the new Aahil after the face change replacing Karanvir Bohra.


Neil & Ragini’s past with Suhani got unfolded while she isn’t aware of Suhani’s identity until now. Neil is taking care of Suhani after his ex-GF Rupali’s death. Suhani is not his child with Rupali and has promised her to keep secret on the child’s father, and moreover blames Ragini for Rupali’s death as he couldn’t save her in timely manner. Moreover, Neil & Ragini’s differences and fights widen leading to the divorce, and she continues to believe he is father of the child with Rupali, and is mistaken. Suhani stays with Neil and learnt about her actual mom Rupali, Ragini (step-mom), Neil (caretaker father), and how divorce happened with Neil sharing all of them.

Next in the track, Pam fights with Ragini and confronts her by asking how she can slap Ranbir. Ragini has slapped Ranbir after finding him with Shilpa, he was trying to come close to her, and he then puts forward the argument on doing it with consent. Pam regards Ranbir as her son and thus gets much angry and even asks Ragini to start a NGO as she gets involved in others’ lives. Shilpa’s mom comes into the scene, and tries to pacify Pam but carries selfish motives. Ragini defends herself by reminding Pam that Ranbir is also her son. But Ranbir hits out at Ragini and speaks boldly that he is not her son. Ragini gets shock and feels hurt with Ranbir’s words. Next, Pam makes a taunt at Ragini asking her whether she listened to Ranbir, and then tells her upfront to stay away from their life. Shilpa has switched back to Ranbir and fooled Ragini and even her mom has the role in it.


  1. plz CVS let the story continue with nisha and kabir only.. y did your’ll make viraj a villain . plz unite him with kaira n viraj.. plz viraj leave nisha alone…


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