Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 3 Episode 19 starring Manasi Rachh & Jeet Soni, 3rd April 2015 on Zing TV – Promo


Manasi Rachh in PTKKJeet Soni in PTKK

The story is about Madhav & Shraddha. Madhav is the college union president and soon graduates but couldn’t get a job and is thus unemployed. He carries a rebellious and bullying attitude and still hangs around the college. Shraddha is a obedient daughter of her dad and she gets enrolled in the same college where Madhav studied. He finds her there and starts to bully. At first she tries to evade him and patiently goes through it by carrying hate but soon she decides to leave the college after having a confrontation with him. From this juncture, there is a change in Madhav’s personality and his rebellious nature was withering away and he was coming to terms of his mistake and realizing them. He begin to develop positive character and put efforts to sort out his issues with her in a good way. She reciprocates to his sincere efforts and both begin to develop a bond and feelings for each other.

Before Shraddha’s relationship with Madhav took some shape and good turn, she was told about her dad decision that she should marry his ex-student Shekhar. Shekhar starts to show his feelings for her and even professed his love but she doesn’t take him seriously. Later, after Madhav’s change in personality to a good one, she started liking him. Madhav too understood that Shraddha is drifting towards him. They weren’t aware that Shekhar is keeping an eye on them and carries jealousy. He gets tempted to send some goons/men to harm Madhav and they go on to hit him hard on his head and run away on their bike. Madhav gets injured and Shraddha at her end breaks down after learning of the attack and the injury. She takes care of Madhav for his recovery.


Will Shraddha gets confidence that her feelings and emotions are indeed love for Madhav ? What will be her answer to Shekhar who acted much opposite to his personality ? Stay tuned to Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya this Friday @ 7 PM on Zing TV.

Info on Cast: 
* Shraddha is portrayed by theatre, film & TV Actress, writer Manasi Rachh
– Role of Meena is upcoming movie Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein [2015], Shruti Pathak, a no nonsense ambitious girl in Student of the Year [2012], Neha, a fierce girl character in Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge [2011].
– Worked in Music video Phoolon ki tarah by Jagjit Gulzar and Ad commercials.
– Manasi’s Twitter page and Facebook page

* Madhav is portrayed by Actor & model  Jeet Soni
– Mohit in Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des.
– Role of Imran Rizvi, ACP in Mr. and Mrs. Mishra.
– Jeet’s Twitter and Instagram page.

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