Abhi turns panicky and silly to confess love


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The party is still going on, as the show is known to carry every scene for couple of episodes. Pragya and Abhi’s nervousness and avoiding each other comes in highlight. Abhi stumbles seeing Pragya and she avoids his eye stare. Bulbul and Purab play cupid to unite Pragya and Abhi. Bulbul insists Pragya to seek an answer from Abhi for her love proposal. Pragya thinks she has turned things awkward by confessing love. Bulbul understands Abhi is not able to talk to Pragya, and asks Abhi to dance with Pragya. They have some shyness, newly found love in their eyes and the question raises in Abhi’s mind about his feelings for Pragya.

Abhi tells Purab that he is feeling some change in him which never happened before and does silly things in the party out of nervousness. Bulbul understands Abhi loves Pragya and provokes him to spend more time with Pragya, afterall she saved his life and has said something else too. Abhi acts normal and says he is not scared of Pragya, she is his wife and calls her by a kiss sound, which shocks Pragya. She runs away from Abhi and Bulbul gets her back and pushes her towards Abhi.

Abhi and Pragya both look the best in their light hearted romantic form. Their way towards love and keeping innocence alive makes them lovable to watch. They get closer while dancing and have an eyelock. Pragya feels Abhi is annoyed with her and she has some annoyance as he did not reciprocate her feelings. Tanu tries to come between Abhi and Pragya. Bulbul and Purab does not let Tanu reach Abhi and kick her out. Pragya thinks to ask Abhi for his reply and is tensed fearing his rejection. When will Abhi admit his feelings? Keep reading.



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