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Aaliya wakes up in her home and finds Ishaan there and both are nervous as they don’t know what happened between them last night. She asks Ishaan about it but he makes an excuse and wants to talk later at the hospital. He carries nervousness and to add more trouble he couldn’t find his shirt. But Aaliya manages to convince him to wear one of her shirt to go to hospital and he agrees and soon leaves. Aaliya thinks to remember on what happened last night and ponder on how hashtag are just for moments to express love, heartbreak, jealousy, epic jealousy one if your boss carries jealousy. She has uploaded some pics on social media last night and thinks Malvika already has seen them since she is in Ishaan’s friendship circle. Aaliya decides to delete those photos even if Malvika has seen them. Sooner then, Aaliya’s friend Sarika comes there, and she asks her whether something happened last night. Sarika starts speaking on what actually happened…..


Later, Ishaan comes to the hospital and on the way speaks to himself of hating hangover and one man on the way also speaks the same. Ishaan stops the man who talks about his hangover and also on how he went home in that condition, and then learnt after 3 months that his wife is pregnant. Ishaan gets worried.  Soon after, Ishaan receives a message from a client and prepares to move and finds Aaliya running around. She is about to fell down and he holds her in  his arms. He puts her down once getting a phone call and doesn’t see that she was trying to give him his shirt which she got it from Sarika. Malvika comes there and finds Aaliya and Ishaan close to each other. Aaliya comes inside the Life Beat hospital to find yoing girl patient Puja who faced acid attack while back. She attends Puja and Malvika comes to know of it as well. Ishaan meets his patient Nitin at the cafeteria. The young guy Nitin is nervous and Ishaan asks him to relax since only if you are relax then you can solve problems and get better result.

Nitin talks about a girl Rashami threatening his pregnant wife. Ishaan asks Nitin whether he didn’t have an affair with Rashami. Nitin replies harmless flirting and then speaks of not cheating his wife. Sooner then, Rashami comes there and seen in angry mode and vows to not leave anyone, and  looks at Nitin after finding him. Meanwhile, Malvika attends Puja and is seen doing the surgical first steps and examination. She wants to do damage control since Puja’s eyes are hit and can damage if not treated in time, and then they go ahead for plastic surgery. Aaliya at her end speaks to Puja’s fiance Sameer, and he informs her that a guy Girish had attack Puja with the acid, and they didn’t took his warning seriously. Aaliya asks him to inform police since Girish has tried to damage  a girl’s life because of his jealousy. At the cafeteria, Rashami confronts Nitin and speaks that he loves her. He reminds on not loving her and loves only his wife. Ishaan tries to distract them with some music and offers his help if they don’t want to do any drama. Regarding Puja’s attack incident, the police comes there to take Puja’s statement.

Aaliya speaks that acid has gone in Puja’s eyes so she can’t speak and she wants Girish to get punishment. Ishaan at his end asks Rashami what punishment she wants to give Nitin. He then reminds her on why she is stressing herself and whether she doesn’t love herself. She speaks of not able to live without Nitin. Ishaan shares his childhood story/anecdote when his father spoke of buying everything he quickly asks for a big and precious thing and was stubborn in asking the same for 3 months. He realized one day on his stubborn nature and also of his demands were extreme when his father speaks of liking moon and wanted the same. Rashami doesn’t pay heed to Ishaan’s reasoning and just wants Nitin’s love since she is not asking for moon or other big things, and suggests it should be possible. Ishaan then asks Rashami whether she knows Nitin is married. He asks how she can get emotionally attached with him. Nitin speaks of not getting emotionally attached and Rashami hits back at him by suggesting he kept emotions with her. Soon, she breaks the glass and wants to take either his life or her life. Ishaan gets into panic mode to see Rashami threatening Nitin and aslo herself and he tries to calm her. Meanwhile, the police wants Puja’s statement since there is no eye witness to arrest Girish and they want Puja’s statement.

Malvika comes there and reminds the inspector that Puja is in coma and just recovered from critical condition and going through both physical and mental weakness. Aaliya steps in and speaks of agreeing under one condition if Dr. Ishaan gives them the nod to meet Puja.  Ishaan at his end tries to pacify Rashami and also gets a call from Malvika. Ishaan talks to Rashami while also connected with malvika, he talks to Rashami that her love is one-sided and not two sided and Malvika gets confused. Ishaan speaks to Rashami that her life will not be meaning less and she doesn’t need a broken glass. Malvika is called and she gives the phone to Aaliya. Aaliya listens to Ishaan’s words on phone and quickly understands his peculiar situation at the cafeteria. She runs there with a sedative. Malvika later learns that Ishaan is under attack at the cafeteria and gets into panic mode and show worry on her face. Ishaan reminds to Rashami that she just wants to keep Nitin as an object and just to get him at any cost. He finds Aaliya there who comes forward to inject the sedative to control Rashami.

Malvika asks Maryam for updates on things happening at the cafeteria. She then finds Aaliya helping Ishaan as he got a cut on his hand at the cafeteria when he tried to pacify Rashami. Ishaan talks about one-sided love and jealousy as a lethal combination and informs Malvika on how Aaliya came to his help after understanding in what situation he is in. Malvika then informs of acid attack patient Puja, and she needs his help as trauma is part of that case and care need to be taken.  Ishaan goes ahead to meet Puja and asks her to look at the positive and even her first surgery is successful. He speaks of having hope though there is still time for her to heal. She shows her insecurity and thinks her fiance Sameer isn’t going to see her face and moreover she will not get a job in future. Ishaan speaks about love and how it doesn’t matter how you look and how is your face and shares example of how an RJ wins love from his fans though they don’t consider his/her face. Also talks about pilots are known for their flying skills. Aaliya comes there and speaks – Winners are known by their achievement.

Ishaan asks Puja to tell the name of the person who attacked her and that should be her aim at that time instant. She agrees to Ishaan but under one condition –  only police will enter her room. Meanwhile, Malvika attends a meeting with Dr. Sinha and he is glad that both Ishaan and Aaliya are fine. He asks her for coffee before leaving and she says no by giving an excuse on having having Yoga classes. Malvika then checks the photos of Ishaan and Aaliya on her social media profile and looks teary eyed. She also reminisces her good moments shared with Ishaan. In the flashback, she is seen suggesting Ishaan to lower his alcohol consumption so that his blood levels remain healthy and also there will be no headache. He also asked her for a head massage and she gives him one. Malvika comes back to present and takes out tablets for headache. Aaliya at her end attends Rashami who continues to be unconcsious due to sedatives. She finds Sameer sitting outside the room, and he informs that Girish is arrested and the police is waiting for Puja’s statement. He laments that puja doesn’t want to see his face.

Aaliya tells him to meet her at 8 PM and she is going to help him. Later, Aaliya comes to meet Ishaan at the cafeteria and he tries to avoid her. She then talks loudly that nothing has happpened between them last night. She talks more on how she can say such a thing and tells him a simple story – She puked at him resulting in his shirt got damage, and they come to her home henceforth. He handed the shirt to her friend Sarika who then washed his shirt. Sarika informed her that nothing has happened between them. On that note, Ishaan gets a sigh of relief and asks her for some solution for his headache. She readily offers to give him a head massage and Malvika comes there to find Aaliya with Ishaan. Malvika has brought medicines for Ishaan’s headache but she doesn’t stay longer there and leaves. Aaliya sees Malvika and informs Ishaan that Malvika has expressions of jealousy all over her face. He replies that Malvika cannot be jealous but she doen’t agree and wants to prove him that Malvika is jealous. She also suggests that everyone carries jealousy.

Later, Aaliya goes with Mariyam and takes Sameer along. She meets Puja and soon Sameer enters the room with mariyam on a wheel chair with the same dressing covering the face like that of Puja. He did it to remove the complex from Puja’s mind. Puja looks at him and thinks he wants to make fun of her. Sameer talks about how he waited for her in the corridors, and puts the blame on himself since he wasn’t able to save her and also speaks of making mistakes. Puja gets touched with her fiance Sameer’s words and showers a hug to him. She speaks of facing all the troubles as he is on her side. Both confesses love for each other with I love you message. Aaliya gets glad to see Puja and Sameer happy in that challenging time. Later on, Ishaan meets Malvika and she shows care for him as he handled a difficult situation earlier in the day. She asks him how Aaliya got the sedative. He replies on Aaliya understood his situation and Malvika speaks on being glad that Aaliya understood his signals. She then suggests he has good tuning with Aaliya. Ishaan reminds her that Aaliya is a friend. Ishaan gets a call from his mom and he informs her on inviting a friend for lunch.

Malvika hears him saying that whether she will come to his home for lunch but soon realizes actually he spoke those lines to Aaliya who was just beside him. All three of them go in the lift together. Aaliya  speaks to herself and asks why jealousy is put into negative category since it can be used in a positive way if we use the mind well. They come out of the hospital to learn about raining outside. Aaliya gets into her vibrant mode and goes out to dance in the rain and also pushes him Ishaan in the rain to have a dance. [Aye Dil… Gubbare.. Gubbare.. song plays]. She asks Ishaan to follow her since Malvika is seeing them and reminds him of her earlier promise to show Malvika having jealousy. Ishaan acts along with Aaliya while Malvika gets nervous and also feels jealous to see them. Aaliya informs Ishaan that her plan is working and he agrees with her that indeed Malvika is showing signs of jealousy.

* We [TellyReviews] believe that indeed this episode should be in top 3 of Zindagi Wins series telecast until now, as it is just amazing. Kudos to the team, Actors, and Bindass TV.

Episode Video:
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