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Ishita and Raman goes for shopping and he wanted to lift her mood, and moreover they expect Ruhi to be visiting them soon for some hours. Raman finds himself in a fix after getting an accusation from some women there that he was misbehaving. He made a whistle to call Ishita after seeing her going away and he was having misunderstanding. The women suggests he is teasing them and once he call one of them as Aunty they get more agitated to hear ‘Aunty’. Raman tries to defend himself and clarifies that he was looking for his wife but in vain. Finally, Ishita comes to defend Raman and apologizes to them on his behalf and informs that he acted in that away as he takes care of her much and he is such a weirdo. The ladies leave Raman and he gets a sigh of relief thanks to Ishita. Ishita later showers a kiss to Raman since she was excited to get a dress for Ruhi and also to cheer him up after incident at the mall.

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Dream Girl:

The office colleagues of Laxmi in Navrang studio want to oust her from office so they come up with a plan. Laxmi is incharge of keeping the Japanese statue in good condition and there should be no problem, and she was assigned by Ayesha. The colleagues brought some rats there so as to make Laxmi panic and she will break down the statue as a result.  It happens the same as Laxmi while trying to shoo away rats even by giving food but it doesn’t work. On the downside, as she was trying to send them away, she accidentally makes the statue fall down and it breaks. Will Laxmi escape from Ayesha’s ire & also save her job ?

Jamai Raja:  

Roshni works at Baweja’s home as maid Susheela to unearth her sister Samaira’s presence there and finds her being hidden his home. Soon, Roshni/Sushila gets caught by Baweja and her life gets in danger. Before Baweja hurt her in any way, Sid comes there with DD. Roshni informs him on seeing Samaira hidden in the cupboard. Baweja outsmarts Sid and Roshni and goes ahead to call police to make Sid’s arrest on the charge of trespassing and criminal intimidation. The police arrives there to arrest Sid and takes him away.

Jodha Akbar:

Jodha speaks to Akbar with nervousness that she wants to change her religion and upon hearing it Akbar gets agitated. Jodha tries to justify on such a decision, she informs on being a Queen of India but because of her Hindu identity, her son’s rights are taken away. Salim’s coronation is going to get stopped another time and therefore she is distraught. Thus, she wants to accept Islam but Akbar still reiterates whether she understands and knows what she is saying. Jodha is ready to sacrifice her religion with a heavy heart and prepares to go against Akbar.

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Viraj is going through a big personality shift and continues to trouble Nisha by visiting her another time. Kabir sees Nisha getting angry and arguing with Viraj and goes on to hug Nisha and acts romantic to make Viraj jealous. Viraj has turned crazy and is after Nisha even after her marriage. Kabir does not let Viraj block Nisha’s way and sends him off. Kabir practices dance and plays music. Viraj turns the music off and scolds Kabir. Kabir in his usual way calls him Big Brother [Bade Bhaiya] and he isn’t aware that Viraj is indeed his elder brother. Nisha tells Kabir that she will not leave him for getting cozy. But Kabir tells her that he did this to make Viraj frustrated and leave from their sight, else he would have forced his verbal taunts on her. Nisha thanks Kabir. Viraj decides to trouble them more and compel Nisha come back to him.


Naitik and Akshara start a romantic dance when they start the restaurant early morning, and no customers come so soon. Naitik and Akshara have some romance and do not see that customers started coming. Naksh is annoyed with Naitik, thinking he took the decision alone and got them here in Cape Town, away from their home and family. Naksh misses Singhania and Maheshwari families and blames Naitik. This misunderstanding brings a rift between their bonding. On another front, Akshara is following traditions with her family in South Africa, and does the prayers for Gangaur festivities by first making the Lord Shiv’s small sculpture, doing Aarti and finally visarjan in waters and does it with full devotion. She misses her extended family and 10 years has passed away from them, and remembers the times when she used to do the prayers with them in India. She yearns to see her family by going back to India. Meanwhile, Maheswari & Singhania’s family are doing the same Gangaur prayers seperately. Akshara & Naitik will be going back to India soon.

Naitik catches Naksh doing fun antics with friends on the road:
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Ahilya has invited Anjali her home on pretext of friendly meet with Kavita. Anjali was thinking to meet Kavita or not, as he is related to Sarkars. She decides to go inside the house to get all answers, and counts on Shlok and Astha’s presence there. She did not know Shlok and Astha have got the POA for which they worked for Sarkars since months. Ahilya humiliates Anjali to the core by telling her the big bitter truth of Kavita being Niranjan’s first wife and blames Anjali of snatching her husband. Anjali and Kavita were unaware of each other being Sautans, and get stunned. Ahilya tells Anjali everything about Niranjan and Kavita’s past and how bitter it turned because of Niranjan leaving Kavita. Anjali cries and believes it knowing Niranjan’s grey shade before. Anjali gets shattered and does not know what to do. Ahilya thinks to snatch her mangalsutra and give to Kavita, and plans for it. Anjali’s character will be ending soon and it gets sad for the viewers to watch such tragic track.

Shastri Sisters:

A new entry has come in the show as Kajal, who is Minty’s best friend’s Suman’s daughter. Kajal regards Minty as her mum and feels some bond with Rajat and Neil. The mystery added in the show brings some interest for the fans. Minty meets a man and pays money to stop the marriage by doing anything, even if it has to kidnap Devyaani. Anu gets suspicious of Minty’s sweet drama and thinks to keep an eye on her. Anu warns Minty asking her not to plan anything to hurt Devyaani or halt the marriage. Minty tells her that she has accepted Devyaani as her bahu by her will and whole heartedly. Anu feels Minty is hiding some big plan and tells her that marriage will not stop at any cost.


Sharad plans to teach Soumya a lesson and sends Snoopi with her by asking Snoopi to show Madam Soumya who is the boss. Snoopi and some dogs have a fight and Soumya is unable to control them. She leaves Snoopi and he runs away. She comes home without him, and tells everyone that some dogs attacked her and Snoopi is lost, he run away. Yuvraaj gets angry as he loves Snoopi a lot, and scolds her for breaking his trust. He says its his mistake that he trusted her and warns her to be away from him. He tells Dadi to see how Soumya did not respect his loved ones and does she think he should marry her. Dadi scolds Soumya for not taking care of Snoopi. Soumya gets worried and apologizes by them by fake tears and says she was too scared to get Snoopi from those dogs. Suhani becomes the heroine again and gets Snoopi, and Yuvraaj succeeds in showing Dadi the difference between Soumya and Suhani. He gets glad to take one step ahead in his motive and thanks Suhani for her support.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Mantu and Amaya’s sweet kettle story has begun. He messages her to get the kettle and drop it at Tourist Info shop and leaves for Ghaat. She reaches the place and goes to look for him at the Ghaat. She misses to see him there and wanders till evening. They come face to face at night and Mantu scolds her for not being trustworthy and disrespecting someone’s emotions. Amaya argues with him and tries to defend. Mantu does not hear anything and twists her hand in anger. She gets hurt and leaves returning the kettle. Later on, Mantu gets to know that she was finding him since long time and he regrets to misunderstand Amaya. He thinks to apologize to her and does not know how to. Will Amaya forgive him and accept his friendship?

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Sooraj comes to meet Ved at the school and some other little boy calls him Papa. Sooraj gets stunned and recalls Vansh. Ved asks him not to get emotional as he is his son, not that boy. Mohit gets mistaken seeing Ved and refers to him as Vansh, which makes all the kids question about Vansh. While Bhabho avoids the talk, Ved questions Mohit on his quick arrival when he called yesterday from England. Sooraj makes the excuse and says Mohit called yesterday from airport to give a surprise. Mohit says Ved has ability to catch minute details, just like his police officer mum Sandhya, and looks at Sooraj, unaware about the phone calls matter. Sandhya is annoyed with Mohit and pacifies Emily to give some time to her relation. Sandhya gets more family duties, as Meenakshi and Vikram will soon to be back in Rathi home. The kitchen politics will be returning along Meenakshi and her fans can rejoice by her entry.

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls: 

Debjani does not know what fate has in store for her. She talks to her sisters and tells them about her first love and recalls the guy she has seen on the either side of the aquarium in the restaurant. Dylan started showing his shrewdness and shares how he can make news even of his friends, and he is sure he will never fall for any girl. He recalls Debjani having heard and seen her improperly and not knowing her  identity. Debjani tells LN that she wants to break Mamta’s myth. LN supports her and encourages her by positive inspiring words, that she will succeed of so great stature that all her small failures will be unseen by the world. Debjani starts on her journey to seek an answer from Desh Darpan News Channel for her job cancelling, and meets Dylan who recommended his girlfriend Neha over her.

Doli Armaanon Ki:

Urmi and Ishaan are distraught since the foreign doctor – oncologist suggested the same treatment for Shaurya which is Urmi having another child with Samrat. She is in despair since Ishaan also suggests her to do same. To make matters more worse, Damini pushes Urmi to think about having a child with Samrat to save Shaurya’s life. Damini also instigates Samrat to have a child with Urmi while promising Tani won’t know about it. She is only interested to keep Urmi away from Ishaan and Tani’s life. Later, Urmi cries more and goes to Samrat and asks his help in saving Shaurya’s life but he laughs on her requests and hurts her with his bad words. He didn’t stopped there and later on went to Shaurya and disclosed him about his illness. Once Urmi comes to know of it, she confronts Samrat and slaps him repeatedly on his disclosure to Shaurya. Ishaan comes to pacify Urmi who is in tears and completely shattered by Samrat’s actions. Urmi’s granny believes that God would help Urmi in this tough time with Shaurya’s health condition, and she wishes Urmi doesn’t take succumb to take help from Samrat with compromise. Will granny’s words come true with Urmi finding a miraculous way to save Shaurya’s life ?


Vishwas Rao aka Bhao’s end and death is approaching soon with Raghav finally coming to terms with the truth he learnt from Dev uncle before his death by Bhao’s men. Darpan presumably after her death at hands of Bhao at hospital takes the avataar of lordess Durga and haunts him. Only Bhao, Raghav and Ganesh can see her. Raghav wants Bhao to face his own grave mistakes and die with the truth and consolidates Darpan’s avatar who is yearning for justice. Will Bhao repent on his crimes before his impending end and death ?

Kumkum Bhagya:

Bulbul punctures Tanu with words that Pragya was having romantic talk with Abhi and takes upper hand. Later, it turns out that Bulbul gets hurt and carries some injury with broken arm and bruises on head. Purab goes to meet Bulbul and showers many gifts for her. She gets glad to receive them from Purab and  gets cheered up with his affection and care.

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