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Rinki has come to stay in Bhalla House being annoyed with Mihir and Mihika’s past. She gets irked seeing them together always and feels insecure in her marriage. Raman and Ishita try to explain Rinki about Mihir’s loyalties and how he has moved on in life. Mihir feels guilty to misunderstand Mihika and how she is suffering because of Ashok. Rinki thinks she came between them and does not wish to stay with Mihir anymore. Mihika also explains Rinki to make her marriage strong with trust and love. Rinki scolds Mihika and blames her to break her marriage. Raman gets angry on Rinki for her cheap mindset and shows his trust on Mihir and Mihika. He also blames Ishita for making Mihir marry Rinki and asks her to leave Bhalla house. Ishita heads to Iyers and tells how Raman punished her for her small mistake, when she was just making Rinki’s life better. Subbu reaches there and is stunned seeing Ishita crying, and Raman’s perfect husband image breaks in his eyes.


Naitik and Akshara come home with Naksh and Naira. Akshara cries and hugs Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa has not forgiven Akshara and hugs Naitik, just to show Naksh and Naira, which brings huge happiness for them. Naksh says its special surprise for everyone on his special birthday after 10 years. Akshara gets teary eyed and meets Singhania family. Bhabhimaa just wants to see Naksh happy and mends her ways for him. Naksh started making things fine between both the families and end Bhabhimaa’s anger and annoyance with Akshara. Naitik gets glad to meet his dad and hugs him with high emotions.

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Sooraj comes in Ved’s birthday party and Sandhya plans to give him a surprise by playing Ved’s essay recitation CD, hoping Ved has spoken the same as he has written in his book. Sandhya read positive things about Sooraj in his book and thinks to give Sooraj a surprise by showing how much Ved respects and loves him. Sooraj looks good in the black suit and recites a poem for Ved in his unique style. They get best son and best father tattoos made on their hands, to show their love for each other. Sandhya and Sooraj get stunned as the kids’ prank make them land in big problem.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Pari has raised questions on Simar and made her stand in the circle of doubts. She doubts that Simar has kept Roli in Calender’s home and asks him to handover the keys to her. Aryan thinks he has killed Roli, and Pari has seen a glimpse of her in Calender’s home. She tells Simar that she will prove that Roli is hiding there. Roli is going to come back home infront of everyone, and will expose Aryan’s truth. Prem proves Aryan is Siddhant and the emotional track starts. Simar tries to protect Roli and stops Pari from finding her.


Bhaiya ji takes Chakor’s help to hide Bhagya from Tejaswini. They succeed to send Bhagya out of Bhaiya ji’s room. While Chakor starts taking her, Bhagya goes to follow Tejaswini. Chakor pulls Bhagya and takes her away outside. Bhagya has her parents’ picture with her, which she took from Bhaiya ji’s room. Chakor asks her why is she after the picture and how is she related to her. Bhagya names Bhaiya ji as her father and Tejaswini as her mother, which stuns Chakor. Chakor thinks to confront Bhaiya ji about the same. She asks Bhaiya ji about this and he tells her that Bhagya is Devi Maa’s avatar. Bhagya comes face to face with Tejaswini, which Bhaiya ji and Chakor tried best to stop. Tejaswini gets puzzled seeing Bhagya, when Bhagya calls her Maa. What will be Tejaswini’s reaction knowing the dark truth of Bhaiya ji’s biggest deceive to her?


While Indrajeet is using Astha’s fragile mental state and cooking up fast stories to make her believe their marriage, his evilness will soon end as Shlok finds some unique ways to remind Astha their love and marriage. Shlok counts on the best memories they have since their courtship and then their marriage days, what all they faced and how Astha will try to connect with them. Shlok tries to spend time with Astha, getting her away from Indrajeet where the chawl people can help him in making Astha realize their strong love. Meanwhile, Astha starts getting flashes of her past, where she recalls some high intensified moments of togetherness with Shlok. She feels Shlok’s love is true and starts getting in his words. Will Shlok’s efforts pay off or will Indrajeet make bigger plan to separate the lovers?

Tu Mera Hero:

Panchi feels unhappy seeing Titu and Ruhi together. She does not know the truth of Titu acting in the shoot along Ruhi and not going to the shop. Manorama and Rachna go to see the film shooting and spot Titu there. Manorama thinks to use this against Panchi and informs Kamlesh about Titu’s acting. Kamlesh gets angry and thinks Titu can never change and Panchi’s efforts are going in vain. Panchi confronts Surekha on why she is putting problems on her, by bringing her fears alive. Surekha tells her that no one is born perfect and defends Titu, limiting him from work. Surekha sees Titu and Ruhi getting along well and thinks Titu still loves her a lot. Kamlesh angrily takes Panchi back home with him, and Surekha decides to send Titu and Ruhi away from home.

Dream Girl:

Ayesha makes many hurdles for Laxmi, to stop her from filling the form, but Samar makes it possible for Laxmi by preparing her in time. Samar helps Laxmi throughout in the contest registration steps and also when Laxmi gets big duties from Ayesha. Laxmi is asked by Karan to check the wine counter and Samar goes with her. He tastes all the wine to place the best ones, and ends up drinking a lot. He gets drunk and tells Laxmi that he will make her the next Dream Girl, as he is Samar Sareen. Laxmi does not acknowledge this truth, thinking Samar is not in his senses and joking. What will be her reaction when she finds Samar’s words true?


Leela helps Rudra in reaching his father Shivanand. Dansh comes to know about her deceive and slaps her, disowning her from the Naag clan. A depressed Leela goes to join hands with Garudas and helps them by saving Maya’s life. She takes out the poison from Maya’s blood veins and Maya gains consciousness. The Garudas get glad by Leela’s favor and Rudra shows his trust in her, as she is abandoned by her clan. Rudra saves Shivanand and gets him to the Saraswati kund, as he promised Bhairavi. Shivanand gets conscious and holds Rudra’s neck to suffocate him, while Rudra and all Garudas get stunned. Its all Dansh’s illusion to fool the Garudas and break them apart. How will Rudra come out of this illusion web and make his way ahead towards the Amrit?

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KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya have a final moment. When he sees Pragya ignoring him and saying she does not love him, his heart comes out. He scolds her and admits his love to her. Pragya argues with him, when he comes to confess his feelings to her. Abhi tells her that he will not let her go anywhere. Pragya is hurt thinking about Tanu’s pregnancy and confronts him in anger. Abhi says he has changed a lot, all because of her. He tells her that he loves her, and does not know what’s going on in Pragya’s mind, when she herself has admitted love to him before. Pragya says she was mad to love him, and goes against her own words. Abhi angrily holds her and tries clearing her doubts. It starts raining, to cool their anger and bring them close.


Suhani decorates the bedroom for Soumya and Yuvraaj, as Dadi has asked her to do this work to make her feel hurt. Yuvraaj keeps on looking and Snoopi ruins the decorations. Yuvraaj feels Snoopi did what he wanted to do and gets glad. While, they get happy when the marriage is called off and Dadi’s dreams of having Soumya as her bahu shatters. The new angle comes when Soumya decides to go back with Krishna, by apologizing to Suhani. Yuvraaj’s plan worked and he explains Dadi how Soumya has ditched him before for her love Krishna, and she can’t tie him with Soumya. He asks Dadi to give a chance to Suhani and try to see her goodness. The Birlas will be facing new problems in their business, where Suhani comes in picture, using her brains and solving the problem to impress Dadi.


Ashoka’s fate has helped him in staying in the competition for the final round since he actually was ranked 11 but came in top 10 after another contestant backed out. Sushim is upset to see Ashok in the final round and plans to hurt him by teaching a lesson. He traps Ashoka in his plan by sending him to the forest where an impending attack (tiger) is bound to happen. Meanwhile, Dharma learns about lurking danger on Ashoka by Sushim’s ploy. She get to know it from Drupat. She runs to the forest to save Ashoka’s life. In Ashoka’s journey of becoming the great warrior of Magdh [to win the sword of king Chandragupt Maurya] comes a big twist when he finds his mom Dharma and hears her voice. He gets restless and looks at her with amazement. It has to be seen the outcome of Dharma’s presence in the forest to save Ashoka. She was already instructed to not go to Royal school by Acharya Chanakya. Will Sushim’s ploy on Ashoka gives a big danger to Dharma’s life instead at the forest, and whether she is going to get separated from Ashoka ?

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Ragini feels Neil should go ahead in life as per his plans, as he has promised Nivedita. She asks him to marry Nivedita and maybe fate does not have their union written. Neil tells her that he will change the fate and not let anyone come in between them. He tells Ragini that he does not love Nivedita and will make her understand soon. Neil and Ragini revive their golden days by secretly meeting and romancing, by not getting in anyone’s eyes, till they make sure that things get fine for them. Ragini gets glad to get her old Neil back and the couple spends some sweet moments together. Things change between them towards the positive frame.

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While Ishani is happy and celebrate with her family, about her brother’s marriage getting fixed, Shikhar stays with her being her big support. Ranvir feels Ishani’s presence around him and sees her on the road. He is stunned seeing her and runs to stop her. Ishani sees Ranvir following her and hides her face. Ranvir catches her, and holds her hand. The men on the road beat Ranvir for teasing a woman, and Ishani runs by taking advantage of the situation. Ranvir thinks why is Ishani hiding from her. Ishani gets far and can’t bear the sight to see her love Ranvir getting beaten up for eve teasing. How will their Aashiqui take a new stand once they get together and against Ritika?



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