Gulmohar Grand: Annie has ulterior motive of some sort, starts 3rd May 2015 on Star Plus


Gulmohar Grand

Anhaita aka Annie is a young trainee working at Gulmohar Grand luxury hotel. Annie’s personality is such that she is saying ‘sorry’ all the times to her boss – managing director (portrayed by Gaurav Chopra), colleagues, young staff members, and even with security staff. It is intriguing on why she says sorry always and is there any underlining motive. Her smile can can be deceptive too. Another personality trait of Annie is on how she deals with her so called ‘friends’. She likes to maintain distance from them and again her motives are not yet known.

She knows of lying to them but is fine as long as such attitude is part of her plans. She manages to get the map layout of the hotel and gets happy since location matters. The young security In-charge finds her in prohibited area with the map in hand and warns her to be careful since he is keeping a watch. What’s more to Annie’s story in Gulmohar Grand. The show is a finite TV series, and each week a new story is going to be presented which will have its end in the same episode [like Private Investigator series]. The show is going to run for 26 Episodes, every Sunday @ 10 PM, starting this Sunday, 3rd May 2015. Stay tuned to it on Star Plus.


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