Testing times ahead for Swara & Ragini with Dadi Parvati’s ploy with fire


Swararagini on Colors TV

Parvati [Swara’s dadi] confesses to Swara that she hasn’t accepted Sharmistha by her heart and will do something to break Shekhar and Sharmistha alliance for forever. She further adds that Swara will never dream to unite her parents after her conspiracy is executed. Swara gets shocked and informs Shobha and Sharmistha. Before they could react, Parvati comes and tells that she just joked with Swara. Shobha, Swara and Sumi go to Parvati house for dinner. Parvati serves kheer to Sharmistha. Swara notices death lizard in it and rushes to stop her mum. She gets shocked seeing Sharmistha already eaten the sweets. She asks Shekhar and others to rush Sharmistha to the hospital and tries to expose Parvathi. Parvathi acts innocent as she executes her moves very cleverly.


However, Ragini continues to remain oblivious with her Dadi – Parvati’s plotting against Sharmishta & Shekhar’s alliance. Swara gets more worried after getting more doubts on Dadi’s activities after the lizard sweets matter. Parvati continues to conspire further one after another. Next, during an auspicious prayers function planned attended by Shekhar & Sharmishta comes a twist. Something unpleasant going to happen with the pious fire being manipulated resulting in a kind of explosion and impacting many lives. While Swara is determined to expose the true face of Parvati but events aren’t favoring her either. What will be the impact and outcome of new conspiracy with fire in the lives of Swaragini and her parents ?

Promos: Dadi Parvati planning to harm Sharmishta with her ploy with fire
[youtube id=https://youtu.be/t7zZKlU2NRA]

Parvati goes to Sharmishta’s room & plans to harm her with igniting fire
[youtube id=https://youtu.be/1MKPokP8KV4]



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