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Median zing spoilers

Ragini is oblivious with her Dadi – Parvati’s plans to disrupt the alliance between her parents Sharmishta & Shekhar. Swara gets more worried since she gets more doubts on Dadi after the lizard sweets matter. Parvati continues to conspire further one after another. Next, during an auspicious function planned attended by Shekhar & Sharmishta comes a twist with something unpleasant going to happen with the pious fire being manipulated resulting in a kind of explosion. While, Swara is determined to expose the true face of Parvati, her Dadi but events aren’t favoring her. What will be the outcome of new conspiracy with fire, in the lives of Swaragini and her parents ?

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Soumya is unaware with whom actually she is going to get married eventually until the last moment since Mehendi function goes on  with Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj’s Dadi dances on the occasion. Soumya thinks of getting married with Yuvraaj  but she is mistaken, and thus looks unhappy during the marriage ritual. At this juncture, Soumya realizes on Dadi’s mistakes and also got the clarity that she doesn’t love Yuvraaj and instead Krishna. Suhani and Yuvraaj are happy with their plans having worked out with Dadi changing her decision. Soumya gets re-married to Krishna, and it will give her a surprise when she comes to know of her groom.

Neil and Ragini’s love is in the air are revived again. To celebrate their love and togertheness again, they decide to go on a date while evading their children. Neil decides to stop on the way so as to make Ragini eat the corn at roadside stall. Ragini eats the corn while he looks at her with earnest eyes and love. Ragini is also happy with their renewed love taken its flight.

After Raman’s fight with Ishita regarding Rinki-Mihir-Mihika’s matter, comes the realization of mistake and apology henceforth. Raman goes on to reconcile with Ishita and also comes up with a plan to bring Rinki and Mihir closer. They find Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi competition as the ideal opportunity for Mihir and Rinki’s togetherness. In the competition, both Rinki-Mihir and Raman-Ishita participate. The tasks for wife is to be blindfolded and give food to her husband, while for the husband is to identify his wife while being blindfolded. It so turns out in the end that Mihir and Rinki emerge winners.

Ishani tries to hide herself while RV finds her on the road and runs to see her face. In the process, RV meets an accident and lies on the road and reminsces about Ishani. His doubts on Ishani being alive might have become stronger. Ishani doesn’t come forward to help or see him since she wants to stay away from his life but cries profusely.  Ishani’s intentions of holding back due to his marriage with Ritika and also of Ritika’s child. Thus, Ishani and RV’s love take the back seat. What will happen to RV after the accident in terms of the magnitude of his injury ?

Ved is hiding his intentions on not going to his new school and instead prefers old school. Sooraj makes Ved comfortable with the bath and does it by himself. He wants to know from Ved the real reason behind his dislike and stubborn nature. Ved comes out to Sandhya and she tries to motivate him and also wants to remove his fears.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi gets angry with Pragya anger for trivial thing. He then gets a hangover and lands himself in Tanu’s lap.  He puts his head there and actually he falls in the trap of Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya brings Pragya there to make her hurt, and create distance between her and Abhi.  Pragya gets stunned to see Abhi there and cries. She gets more hurt when he blabbers to Tanu on not wanting to see Pragya’s face.

Gopi confronts Mansi informing her that Ahem is only her husband. The tussle between them goes on. She speaks upfront asking Mansi to leave them. Mansi also tries to defend herself. Later, Kokila also mistreats Mansi. Next, Mansi comes home and vents out her frustration on Meera. Meera hits back at Mansi and asks what wrong she did.

Maharana Pratap:
The Mughals attack on Chittor intensifies and Pratap manages to defend the town by arriving there in the nick of time. Pratap defeats Mughals soldiers by marking his entry on Chetak and takes upper hand on the situation. The question is for how long, Pratap is going to defend Chittor from Akbar’s army.

Jamai Raja: 
Roshni gets a shock from Sid when he decides to give her a divorce at the court lawyer meeting. Sid is compelled to take that heartening decision and gets teary eyed. Next in the track, Roshni’s dad marks his entry on the show. He carries strange personality and thinks of himself being kidnapped so tries to scare Roshni in return.

Satrangi Sasural:
Vihaan’s mom Neelima Maa (Masi) is getting married with Gautam. Happiness is coming to her after long time since 18 years ago he had deserted her and left. Aarushi’s efforts  bore fruit alongwith Vihaan’s support. An interesting thing about Neelima Maa’s marriage is that Aarushi – a Bahu is organizing the marriage of her mom-in law [Saas].

Qubool Hai:
The fake Sanam’s wicked plans are getting executed gradually with Aahil’s sister Nazia’s engagement with Saif. Saif has swayed to fall for fake Sanam’s charm and she now controls him and he follows on her instructions. He also took a decision on engagement after listening to new Sanam. On another front, Sanam/Jannat face danger from Misbah at her home while Shaad is away. Misbah threatens Jannat by pointing gun and tries to harm her.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan:
Nyonika and Pandit ji have mutual plans to separate Manik and Nandini. With Harshad’s entry, Aaliya gets happy to see her brother while Navya remains upset since he deserted her and left for many months. So many things happened for her and Cabir gave her support in testing times. While both Manik and Nandini are planning surprises driven by love for each other since Fab 5 got a happy reunion with Dhruv’s reconciliation. But there comes a twist with Nyonika as partner in crime with Pandit ji tracks down Manik and Nandini using GPS tracker in car. They misuse technology to trap the duo. Pandit ji cannot see Manik with Nandini and has already shown his true colors by thrashing Manik earlier with goons. What harm is he going to do to Manik next ?

Radha decides to unite the family and stop the partition keeping Dada ji’s values alive and intact. She comes to know that Jayshree to be the mastermind behind Neha. She catches Jayshree and Neha together, planning to sell Chaturvedi Nivas and get crores of money. She tries to expose Jayshree infront of LD, but fails. LD asks Radha to stay away from his family. LD has been asked to provide security to actor Kabeer by the agency. LD is oblivious to the fact that Kabeer has cast Radha opposite himself in a film. Kabeer gets surprised to see LD as security incharge and reminisces on seeing his pic with Radha in a newspaper. Jayshree threatens Dadi Bua that she will show the proofs against Dada ji to everyone. Dadi Bua succumbs to her demands and agrees to with her. She puts forth her decision to sell the house, shocking everyone. Jayshree starts dreaming to have crores of money while Radha is determined to stop the partition and also expose Jayshree and Neha.


  1. Ajeeb phases going in every seriel.its a separation time for each and every couple in the seriels.strange and unbelievable stuffs.the makers dont have any brains.

    • u r very true…..i mean ….ain’t these creators got brains or not?? all are behind the lovers by creating misunderstandings and separating them! the main start for this stupidity was given by ekta nd every director is behind this now! this is so annoying!!


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