Comedy Nights With Kapil 3rd May 2015, with Ishqedarriyaan Cast, & Roadies X2 Judges, on Colors TV – Snapshot


Cast of movie Ishqedarriyaan

Guest on the show:  Esha Deol, Karan Kundra, Rannvijay Singh: Actors & Hosts, and Vijender Singh: Olympic boxer, the Judges of MTV India’s show RoadiesX2; MahaAkshay Chakraborty, Evelyn Sharma, Mohit – the cast members of upcoming movie: Ishqedarriyaan.

Bittu is unable to take care of his child and asks Manju to come home soon. Bittu goes on to unintentionally wake-up his Sasur, who was in dreaming mode. Bittu’s sasur speaks of seeing Gol Gappas and got water in his mouth, and so laments on coming out of his dreams. So, Bittu continues with his Nok-Jhok with Manju, but she takes the upper hand and he doesn’t have other option but to listen.


When Bittu met the cast of IshqeDarriyaan: Bittu flirts with Evelyn by suggesting they relate with Germany since she is from there while his connection is because he once got bitten by a german shepherd dog. He flirts more by suggesting they share same surname: Sharma. She suggests maybe they are siblings, but he opens-up on not taking anyone as his sister and speaks a random line: having appendicitis problem and the possibility of getting bloated. He then asks Evelyn to repeat SRK’s dialogue – Teri Aankhon ke namkeen mastiyan (from the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan), in German. When Evelyn speaks the translation in German, Bittu plugs her leg by suggesting that she spoke like that of providing info to police bringing smiles. Bittu’s sasu maa also marks her entry and pulls the leg of pankhudi aunty. They all dance with MahaAkshay (Mimoh).

Bittu & family with RoadiesX2 judges: Kapil speaks to Siddhu on the changing times, before people used to make taunts if you are a roadie but now moms are encouraging child to participate in roadies. Bittu welcomes the RoadiesX2 judges on stage. Bittu asks Esha for a classical dance move since she is well versed in it. Esha dances while teaching Vijender on the dance moves and he follows her. Karan Kundra and Rannvijay Singh also groove in dance and have fun. Bittu asks them about the roadies’ meaning in english and Rannvijay calls Sadak Chaap. The Roadies X2 team came on CNWK for a special cause regarding the Nepal Earth Quake relief.

There is also Chinky Bua’s boyfriend going to be revealed on the show. Actor Vishal Singh portrays Chinky Bua’s BF, and she seems to be in good spirit and even compels him to carry her in his arms.Pinky Bua finds herself in not so happy mood to find Chinky Bua enjoying herself much. Vishal currently works in the role of Jigar in Star Plus’s show Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

Additional Note:
* The movie Ishqedarriyan is scheduled to release on 15th May 2015. Read more at its Wikipedia page.
* MahaAkshay Chakraborty, lead actor portraying the role of Agam Diwan – a millionaire, is the son of legendary actor Mithun Chakraborty. He is also called as Mimoh. Twitter pages of MahaAkshay (also his wikipedia page), Evelyn Sharma, and Mohit.

Ishqedarriyaan movie trailer:
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