Gulmohar Grand 1st Episode 3rd May 2015, Annie starts work at Gulmohar Grand with a hidden motive, Star Plus – Written Update


Gulmohar Grand

Gulmohar Grand, the luxurious hotel has its charm, utmost to detail in arrangements – spoons arrangement for instance, and expects the staff to be careful instead of sorry. Neil is going to be security trainee and is told by his mom to manage his life and forget what haappened since he deserves a second chance. But its not easy since he is still reminded of the unfateful night and cannot forget it since he isn’t sure if he it his mistake or not.  Annie speaks of working by heart and  her intelligence going to help. Both Annie and Neil look at the appointment letter of Gulmohar grand and soon arrives there. This is the place where people come and meet in different ways: smile, crying. It is also true that people come there to not only meet but also to spend their very best times in a place which is regarded akin to heaven on earth.

Tina, the receptionist finds herself in a fix after guests complain about unclean room and wants to check out. She signals Teeshay – guest relations manager, who manages the situation by speaking calmly, also in Sindhi language, and even makes interesting offer of complementary spa for them. Teeshay succeeds in pacifying the couple and Tina makes a point to her colleagues on his charm which is present since birth. Some moments later, Annie comes there and says sorry couple of times. Meanwhile, Anirrudh is seen with his boss Jaitley and tries to pacify him since he is angry with the press and worried about reputation. Jaitley informs Anirrudh on not running a hotel for scandals and has the worry it will be shut down. Annirudh calms him down by giving medicine and assurance.


Jaitley plays golf there and they talk about new recruits. Neil Gujral and Anhaita Mehta (Food & Beverages). Annirudh also assures his boss of taking care of Rathore and had already done the arrangements. Annirudh then speaks with his wife and assures her on meeting tomorrow. He goes to meet new recruits and Annie stands out since she is well prepared be it locations or her responsibilities. He informs them of the hotel’s lineage of serving top celebrities, big people from all over twh world and is impressed with Annie’s preparedness. Later, Anirrudh meets Rathores and even identifies their son Ayaan. Annie bumps into Neil and says sorry. He asks her to not worry much as there is no fire and they introduce each other. He guides her to the kitchen and reminds that she has spoken sorry for 20 times already. Ayaan is scolded by his dad while finds support from his mom. He steals some cash from his mom’s purse and learns his parents will return back by midnight.

Annie is seen motivating herself before entering Jaitley’s office. He speaks strongly with her and asks her to apply intelligence in moving the food trolley. He also informs her on hating one who speaks much and doesn’t trust the one who speaks less. She presents the food, but soon faces his ire as he has found a mushroom. He thinks of dying to eat mushroom and wants to fire Annie, and doesn’t listen to her.  Annie leaves and gets teary eyed and soon Teeshay comes to meet her. He tries to bring smile and suggests they would fall in love once she accepted his handkerchief to wipe out her tears. She speaks of giving mushroom to Jaitley due to mistake. He tries to calm her down by informing that Anirrudh is going to take the final call. He notices ring with diamond in her finger and asks if its real. She doesn’t reply and hides it.

Ayaan has arranged a party scene and is with friends in the suite and asks the room service for alcohol. The room staff guy Sampath declines to serve alcohol as it is not allowed to under-age. Ayaan finds the alcohol with another friend and asks him to leave. Soon, Ayaan & friends drink it while playing out music. Meanwhile, Neil finds Annie in his room, and also slept at the table. He asks about her presence and she talks about serving 56 people with food and couldn’t find him, so brought his food there. He speaks of needing one sandwich as he is always on move. He reminds her to not come in his room when he isn’t around and sends her away. She apologizes but in vain. Ayaan at his end gets a call from his mom and goes in panic mode since she will be returning back earlier than expected. Ayaan’s friends try to hide the alcohol bottle and manages to hide them in an unoccupied room and runs. Ayaan’s parents come back to find alcohol being taken and his dad points suspicion at him.

Next, Anirrudh is called by Ayaan’s dad, who speaks strongly and even accuses the staff for serving alcohol. Anirrudh says there is no record, but heeds to fire the staff guy Sampath, and also apologizes to Rahore and a promise on not repeating such a thing. Anirrudh calls Neil and soon meets the police inspector Rane. Rane came there to inform that Ayaan’s friends – Rahul Awasthy, Vicky Mahagan are in hospital due to poisoning – poisonous alcohol. Annirudh informs Rane on not firing Sampath as he is informed and just moved the staff to other department. So, Sampath is still working in the hotel as guilt is not proved. Annirudh suggests to Rane that Rathore will try to hide the truth once his son’s role in poisoning will come out. And he himself is waiting for the truth to emerge. Rane then gets a call that Vicky has passed away. Anirrudh asks Rane for time and Neil steps in and asks for 24 hrs for which Rane agrees.

Anirrudh asks Teeshay to make sure no media reports without his permission. Meanwhile, Annie is on her way to her home and changes an auto to go in a car. The car driver asks whether she knows what she is doiing and she replies yes. Aniruddh is seeing the case and asks Neil about inutition or gut feeling. Neil assures that the truth will come out. Next morning, Jaitley the boss is upset with a new major problem, and gets support from Annirudh. Annie is seen in changing room and says sorry to girls’ colleagues and then goes to serve the sandwich to Neil. Neil is at the pool and gets an idea on bottles can help in solving the problem. Annirudh. continues to get pressure from Rane and couldn’t take his wife Parvi’s call. Neil speaks to Anirrudh on bottles solving the case, and Anirrudh instructs the staff and janitors to find out the bottles. Neil is on the lookout for those bottles and Annie learns on his search to find them.

She reminisces yesterday’s event when she got doubt of seeing someone in unoccupied room. She takes Neil there, who finds the bottles there and speaks of knowing the place from where the boys would have got it. Rane comes to meet Jaitley to inform there is no problem since Ayaan’s friends confessed their mistake (crime) and also bottles are found. Anirrudh thanks Rane for his cooperation, and then bats for Annie who comes there. Anirrudh informs Jaitley that she is the one who found the bottles. Jaitley replies to know her alwways, and she speaks the same. Neil is seen counselling people and informs them on not touching alcohol since 16 months 20 days.

Annirudh gets a call from his wife, who reminds it has been 1 year since they are staying separately and nothing have changed as it is the same situation – Hotel first, busy, so she has decided to go next morning without meeting him, and even doesn’t listen to his plea of another chance. Jaitley at his end checks the news of the poisonous alcohol racket being exposed. Annie aka Anhaita Mehta comes to her rich home. She has all the comforts and support staff. She attends a call and agrees to be in the plan, and for the same reason she has arrived there.

Next week: Neil wonders what Annie is doing in a record room. Annie bumps into a guest. Annie again face ire from Jaitley and is on the line of fire since she has broken a photo frame dear to him.


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