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KumKum Bhagya:

Dadi got annoyed with Pragya and this has made Pragya very upset. Abhi brings water for her to calm her down. He asks her what’s going in her mind, that she got rude towards Dadi. Pragya does not talk to him. She started being rude to Abhi and his Dadi. Abhi tries to find the reason from her, as he knows Pragya is genuinely good. All this is because of Akash’s marriage and Pragya is doing this intentionally, so that everyone hates her. Abhi is sure Pragya is hiding some matter. Pragya makes him leave from their room, and sits crying by hugging Dadi’s pic. She starts apologizing to her for humiliating by her bitter taunts.


Naksh has got Naitik and Akshara back in Singhania house, by planning with Naira. Naira does drama to be unwell and she does not leave for Cape Town. She says she has much pain in her fracture and Bhabhimaa has no option, but to make Naitik and Akshara stay for few days for Naira’s sake. Bhabhimaa loves Naira and sits by her side. Naksh and Naira does not tell Akshara about the acting. Akshara tells Girja that she will cook lunch for everyone and is happy to be with family for few days. Akshara faces Bhabhimaa’s annoyance again. Devyaani asks her to be strong and try to change Bhabhimaa’s hatred in love.


There is a new entry in the show. Sooraj wants to get successful and own a hotel. His life got a new twist in his life. Aditi is the owner of the Kabaddi team. Sooraj meets her to recommend Aryan/Chotu and shows his past records. Aditi agrees to him. Aryan meets with an accident and can’t participate in the match. Sooraj meets the wrong lady and a talk begins. Sooraj will be entering the match in Aryan’s place and win the prize money, by which he will make his dream hotel. Aditi will help Sooraj achieve his dreams. She is impressed by Sooraj’s simplicity and honesty. Actress Ridhi Dogra will be doing Aditi’s role. Ridhi’s Twitter page


Mrs. Bhalla takes a western look as she is very happy. She wears the clothes she got from London. She makes everyone get ready as they are making a documentary on their family. They are leaving for Adi’s school. Subbu starts connecting with Ananya and starts giving his child’s place to her in his heart. Mrs. Bhalla does not know Subbu’s intentions and doubts on him to get close to Ishita in Raman’s absence. She bans his entry in Bhalla House. Subbu assures Ishita of his help to fight custody case of Ananya. Parmeet’s entry will be shifting track from Raman.


Radhika does not break down by Samaira’s cheap prank and stays strong. She openly challenges her to create as many hurdles as much she wants. Radhika tells Samaira that she does not have any option to go back, as she is destined to go ahead in life. Everyone in birdsong like her attitude and Samaira takes this more against her. Neil tries to end their annoyance and fights. Samaira gets upset as Arjun does not answer her call. Arjun sends a gift for her and meets her surprisingly. Arjun has hidden motives to join Birdsong and enter Samaira’s life. He tells his uncle about his one way route to Birdsong and to achieve something for what he is risking everything.

Shastri Sisters:

Neil does not figure out about the sudden attack on Devyaani. Rajat complaints against Neil and the police arrests Neil. Minty confronts Anu for filing the FIR and sending Neil to jail. Anu tries to clear the matter that she did not file any complaint. Minty does not listen to her and raises her hand to slap Anu. Rajat comes in between and holds her hand, telling Minty that he has filed FIR against Neil to punish him for his crimes. He tells everyone that after Neil has done so many wrong things, he has lost their trust. Minty gets worried for Neil and cries. Rajat asks her not to point a finger against Anu and her family, and now it is his duty to protect them. Minty feels Anu has filled Rajat’s ears and gets angry on her. Neil recalls meeting Bobby at the bar and starts doubting on him for attacking Devyaani.


Kabir has been blamed of theft in Nisha’s house. Nisha cries after failing to prove Sumit responsible for all this. Sumit does Dolly on his side. Nisha takes all the family to Sumit’s room to check his belongings and they don’t get anything there. The family does not know Sumit is after this. Kabir supports Nisha and tells her to be strong as they will prove his innocence and also expose Sumit in Dolly and everyone’s eyes. Kabir feels Sumit has been playing with Dolly’s emotions, and this truth will hurt her the most.


Chakor fails to reach the under 9 race in time and shatters seeing her dreams breaking. Suraj laughs on her and indirectly advices her to run after her dreams. Chakor takes his taunts well and thanks him. She tells Arjun that she will participate in under 14 race and its very important for her to win the race, to clear her name and also educate the village. Arjun allows her and Chakor runs in the race with Suraj. Tejaswini thinks Suraj will win the race and make their name shine, but to her surprise, Chakor wins the race. Chakor makes her parents proud and also fulfills the promise given to Arjun and Kangan.

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Dabbu does not realize it was Dylan who has beaten Sunny and saved Chandi’s life. She assumes its Aseem. Aseem does not tell the truth to anyone and takes all the credit to get close to Dabbu. Aseem helps Dabbu in her work and she starts liking it. She tells her family how Dylan is making her life hell in office and Aseem being a savior. Binny worries as she does not want Dabbu and Aseem to get married. Dylan bags a big project and asks Dabbu to work well, else he will fire her from the job. Aseem argues with Dylan, and Dylan confronts him for lying to Dabbu and showing fake goodness. They get into a heated argument, and Dabbu worriedly takes Aseem away. Dabbu feels Dylan is heartless man, who can never know love. Whereas, Dylan is a humble man who does good deeds and does not let anyone know. Dylan tells his mum that he will get her ancestral home back to her by any way and loves her a lot.

Dream Girl:

Laxmi is sad that her father is leaving and talks to Samar. They get another task to deal with, as her dad states his wish to see Navrang once. Laxmi gets worried as she is hiding about auditions and has been lying to him about Ayesha and Samar. She tells Samar that if her dad knows the truth how Ayesha is torturing her and she is not chosen as the heroine, then he will take her back home and end her dreams. She seeks Samar’s help to save her. Samar thinks to use his real identity now to help Laxmi out, knowing she will know him soon as she will be cast opposite him in his launch movie.


Rudra gets successful in reaching the Brahmanisht Camp. Charles warns Leela, that if Rudra does not reach, he will kill her. The Garudas get glad seeing Rudra and Leela saves his life by removing the poison and also saving Maya’s life. Rudra asks Maya to go far to a safe place, as the battle between the Naags and Garudas is about to begin. APG Rao tells Grierson that Garuda soul lies in their Garuda sign, and if they erase the sign, they can conquer over the Garudas. Grierson attacks on Rudra and injures him severely. Maya does not wish to leave Rudra, but has to go to obey him.

Tu Mera Hero:

Titu gets worried seeing the fight between Surekha and Panchi. He asks them to calm down, as they both mean a lot to him. Surekha can’t accept Panchi’s accusations to make Titu lead a handicapped life. Titu does not understand why Panchi is saying so. Surekha asks Panchi to take Titu for 24 days and prove herself by changing into a discipline and hardworking man. Surekha list her tough conditions for Panchi and asks her to take her challenge, and show if she succeeds in changing Titu as per her terms.


  1. Dilliwali thakur girls love that seriel alot ….
    Wow dabbu n dylion makes a good jodi…i luv their nok-joka…..soopperb seriel….n pls nxt time i need spoilers for begusarai n bhagalyalakshmi…..


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