Sanyukta gets indifference instead of Love from Randhir; Dr. Dhruv – boon or disadvantage, going to be unfolded


Sanyukta with her mom Anju

Sanyukta’s love for Randhir again takes a back seat with him getting involved in helping his best friend Karan’s GF Ragini. He didn’t inform Ragini about Karan’s death and takes care of her at the hospital. He also spoke to her in the voice of Karan using a voice modulation app. Ragini is on the run from her family and since she knows Karan is getting treated so she went to the court for extending her wedding with him. Randhir tries his best to support Ragini and managed to keep the truth away from her. Meanwhile, Sanyukta’s endearing love for Randhir is evident since she misses him and showers warmth but he doesn’t reciprocate his feelings to her.

He gets upset to find her interference and a big factor of his somewhat rude behavior is Karan’s death and also his efforts to provide support to Ragini on matters of health and assurance about Karan. On other hand, Sanyukta is facing another challenge since she suspects her mom is hiding something big related to her health. Sanyukta’s mom Anju has been visiting Dhruv’s clinic on several occasions and also in the start she was insisted much by him to his clinic. He has informed Anju that she has a brain tumour and validated by reports. Anju tries to hide that truth from Sanyukta. For the same reason, Sanyukta goes all out to find her mom’s health reports and even retorts to find them on her own at Dhruv’s clinic. Dr. Dhruv catches her and reminds on her wrong. Dhruv has given a promise to Sanyukta’s mom Anju on not revealing her medical condition. So, will he disclose the truth to Sanyukta or not.


Later on, Sanyukta calls Randhir since she needs him and is in tears while speaking. The situation is such that her mom Anju has fallen ill and Dr. Dhruv came to her home to check Anju. Randhir is seen attending Ragini at the hospital and making sure she doesn’t run from the treatment. He takes Sanyukta’s call and listens to her request but downplay her problems by suggesting they are never ending. Moreover, he again acts rude and asks her to not disturb him as he is busy. Meanwhile, Sanyukta feels bit relieved since Dhruv assures her that things will be fine so as to suggest her mom would be fine. The larger question that still remain,  With Dhruv’s entry in Sanyukta’s life, will Sanyukta drift more farther from Randhir ? What role Dhruv is going to play in Sanyukta’s life, and Is he is going to be a boon or disadvantage ?

On another front, Abhay Singh Ranawat [ASR] carries on with his believe that to be an engineer is not everyone’s cup of tea, and his equation and wavelength is yet to match with the dream team. Only Sanyukta holds on to her believe about ASR being a genius and an asset for them.

Additional Note:
* Dr. Dhruv is portrayed by actor and model Subir Rana Gupte
– Modeled for designer Vikram Padnis. Worked in Bindass Yeh Hai Aashiqui Ep 53 aired on 27th July 2014, in the role of a writer who falls in love, and writes a book – Promises and Lies, an integral part of his story.
– Plays Tennis. Know more about him at his Instagram page.

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