Gulmohar Grand: Annie succeeds in taking possession of the hotel map, Episode 2 on 10th May 2015, Star Plus


The Record Room Case

Annie came to Gulmohar Grand [GG] with a hidden motive and leads two lives – rich one away from GG, and another one of a young trainee with food & beverages dept at GG. She takes the first step of her plan by entering the record room for old map and obtains it. Neil comes to know of her presence there via CCTV and senses she is hiding something. Annie then bumps into a new hotel guest – Gopal and apologizes with a sorry. He looks depressed with suicide on his mind. After going to his room, he writes a down a letter asking his wife to use insurance policy for their loans. He also apologizes for not being able to fulfill her hopes and now wants to die. Neil confronts Annie on what she is hiding and why she was tensed. Annie cooks up a story of wanting to know the history of the hotel. Neil reminds her on taking permission from next time and she lands herself on sitting on a wet paint. Neil again reminds about her mistake on not being careful. Amidst this, with Annie asking him to accept her apology since her mistake is not that of killing someone, he gets reminded of his past and the girl’s death. Annie opens-up to Teeshay with some info about her family in Delhi and doesn’t share much. She admits to herself on keeping distance and lying and is thus sorry.

Neil and Annie


Meanwhile, Gopal apologizes to his wife Sunita and tries to commit suicide with the shower tap and fails as it breaks down. He thinks the God is not letting him to die. He attends his wife’s call who shows her worry but he speaks of having work and asks the staff for room change. Annirudh – the managing director again comes to the rescue of Annie who unintentionally breaks the photo frame dear to the owner Jaitley. Annirudh asks Jaitley to call his daughter on her 26th birthday. Gopal feels low and thinks how he lost with life and thinks of taking sleeping tablets in another attempt to take his life. He couldn’t find the tablets in his bag. Annie again meets him and he asks her about his medicines. Annie learns that his shower rod was broken and he is not taking any blame for it. Teeshay also comes to know of his lost medicines and wants to see the prescription, which turns out to that of constipation. Gopal couldn’t get the sleeping pills from the chemist, and Annie asks to herself on why he needs them. Gopal continues to be sad and unable to explain his situation with the security staff Neil and others.

Meanwhile, Annie gets a shock on finding and reading Gopal’s letter to his wife. She recalls her past meetings with him and inches closer to believe on his suicide plan. Gopal comes to know that Annie is aware of his suicidal plans and tries to stop her. Annie suggests that he has a reason to live after he spoke of not knowing whether he is lucky or unlucky since his four attempts have failed. Gopal assures her of not attempting to take his own life and was moved after seeing the kids, and now will try to put his life back on track. Annie later goes on to inform Neil about Gopal who had also given a promise to her on not taking his life. Next morning, Annie is in disbelieve to know from Tina that Gopal has commited suicide. The police arrives there and Annie informs them that its not possible for Gopal to take his life with sleeping tablets since he even didn’t have the medical kit, and moreover he was happy with life.

Jaitley is still eager to see Annie. Annie is upset to be on the line of fire and also knows her mistake. Annie learns from Annirudh that Gopal was killed by his wife because of money and gets to know such bitter truth of life. Neil also provides info to Annie on how Gopal’s wife murdered him. Later on, she agrees to go on dinner with Teeshay as he insists much. Jaitley continues to be tensed in regard to the future of Gulmohar Grand after a buyer threatened to buy it in few months. Annie continues to move ahead with her motives and getting the map was the first step, but her aim is to enter a room. She assures someone on going on with her plan and managing it well. Annie retrieves a key from the golden key bunch for her purpose and gets questioned by Neil. The main challenge for her is to keep under wraps her real motives but its not easy. She continues to get tensed since she is lying and playing a deceit there so when Anirrudh speaks of something that could be unrelated to the key bunch, she thinks her lie & plans are going to be out in open. What Annie wants to find in a room, and whether she is going to be a boon or disadvantage to Jaitley and his woes on losing the Gulmohar Grand – the one which is very dear to him ?

* Gopal is portrayed by actor & director – Deven Bhojani

Image credit: Twitter and Facebook page of Star Plus


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