Lakshya confesses love to Swara and keeps engagement with Ragini intact in Swaragini




Sujata requests Dadi to send Ragini to their home for Sanskaar’s sake. Daid refuses and asks her to send Durga Prasad and make him apologize to her. Durga Prasad refuses to do anything for Sanskaar, holding some past grudge against him. Lakshya sees Ragini being the only one who can calm Sanskaar and make him neutralize his craze. Swara asks Ragini to give a chance to Lakshya. Ragini gets thinking about Lakshya. Lakshya realizes his mistake and goes to Gadodia family. He tells Dadi that he will keep up his engagement with Ragini and apologizes to Dadi. He holds Ragini’s hand and says she is still his fiancée.

Sharmishta understands Lakshya’s worry for Sanskaar and tells Dadi that he has taken this decision in pressure. She starts worrying for Ragini. Ragini goes to Lakshya’s home to take care of Sanskaar. Lakshya confesses love to Swara, not being to hold his feelings in heart. Swara is stunned and does not tell anything to Ragini. Swara slaps him and scolds him for playing with Ragini’s feelings. Lakshya decides to tell the complete truth to Ragini that he does not wish to marry her, as he loves Swara. What will Lakshya do now? Keep reading.

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