Abhi gets confused with Tanu’s pregnancy confirmation in Kumkum Bhagya


Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi brings Tanu to the hospital to confirm with the doctor about her pregnancy. The doctor checks Tanu and congratulates Abhi for Tanu’s pregnancy. She declares Tanu pregnant and this shocks Abhi while Tanu looks on victoriously. Pragya gets shattered and feels bad as her trust on Abhi is broken and their marriage would end with Tanu’s confirmed pregnancy. Abhi and Pragya try to prove Tanu wrong, but doctor confirms that she is indeed pregnant. Pragya says she is sad as she has to leave Abhi and go. Since Abhi was unsure, he had the test done again. He gets confused and says he is not the father of Tanu’s child.


Abhi had earlier thought of Pragya not loving him inspite of his attempts, now after Tanu’s child revelation wants to first express his innocence to Pragya. In the process, he ends up hurting his hand and tries much to get back Pragya’s lost trust on him. Pragya nurses his wound and feels pain for him but taunts him indirectly while cleaning the broken glass. She comes to Dadi’s room and cries looking at her. Dadi too feels something is amiss and some wrong has happened, and looks for Pragya. The question – Who is the father of Tanu’s child, with the first thoughts are of Abhi as the one ? Will Abhi succeed in proving himself true to his words ?


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