Kokila’s angry reaction on Ahem for Gopi’s critical state in Saathiya…


saathiya kokila

Kokila gets angry on Meera and Ahem and says Gopi will die because of them. Kokila starts shouting on Meera. Meera asks Ahem to explain Kokila that she did not do anything. Ahem asks Meera to leave. Kokila cries and takes off all the rights from Ahem. She says Ahem will not do my last rites, he is not my only son now, Gopi will be going her last rites. He loses her temper seeing Gopi fighting with death. She blames Meera for pushing Gopi down the building and she will not leave Ahem and Meera.

Kokila says Gopi has sacrificed so much and did not get any positive response from them. She says Ahem is responsible for this, as he made his daughter think Gopi is selfish and has abandoned all her relations. She says any physical wound can heal, but not any wound on the heart. Hetal and Kokila pray that Gopi gets well. Kokila is at her angry way again and this time she will not spare Ahem. Ahem realizes his mistake and goes to see Gopi. Will Ahem end his differences with Gopi? Keep reading.



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