Naksh shocks Akshara by Dadda ji’s death’s blame in Yeh Rishta…


yeh ris

Bhabhimaa is unable to place Dadda ji’s pic and Akshara comes to help her. Bhabhimaa asks her to be away from her and Dadda ji. Akshara tries to convince her, and Bhabhimaa is still unaware of the truth. The kids are trying hard to unite them and some plans has been failing. Akshara cleans Dadda ji’s pic and Bhabhimaa stops her. She says she has lost this right and asks her to leave from her house. Naksh comes there and says Bhabhimaa is saying right, he has come to know everything and asks Akshara to leave. Akshara cries miserably and looks at Naitik, saying she was fearing for this, that her kids will also hate her.

Naksh does so as per his plan and wants to unite Akshara and Bhabhimaa. He acts and says Akshara is responsible for Dadda ji’s death. Naksh wants to act rude to Akshara, so that Bhabhimaa melts and favors Akshara. Naksh and Naira plan and make Mishti fall, so that Akshara and Bhabhimaa take care of Mishti and get closer. Naira requests to go for having icecream and Akshara sends her with Naksh and Mishti. It has to be seen how Naksh succeeds.


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