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Balivesh and Devesh attend the vidhi by which they can control the Naags. Aghori Baba does all the rituals and makes a protective shield around him so that no one can break into his meditation and stop the vidhi. Leela screams for help as she is going to be sacrificed. Dansh senses her in danger and runs to save her. Rudra and Bhairavi also visualize Leela in trouble. Dansh reaches Leela and starts fighting with the Aghori. Devesh comes to know Leela can escape and Aghori Baba angrily kills his devotee. Rudra sees Dansh and Leela in trouble and fights from their side to protect them. They realize many people are after the Amrit, not just Naags and Garudas. Rudra succeeds in saving Leela and gets together with Dansh for the first time.


Tu Mera Hero:

Panchi gets glad to know Titu can do anything for her happiness. Titu shares his feelings with Golu and says he has hurt Panchi a lot. He feels guilty and wants to do something for her. Panchi drops him to the crèche and later he meets Gulgule Kavi. He shares his humor talk with him, and just then Gulgule asks him to take this option as a career, by which he can earn name and fame. Titu gets thinking if he can entertain people by his witty talk and make an earning too. Panchi decides to fall in trouble to make Titu work. Gulgule asks Titu to join him as he needs someone like him. Titu gets restless thinking about Panchi’s happiness and his move to start working.


Bhalla family is celebrating happiness in Simmi and Subbu’s engagement. All the family members dance on the theme of retro look. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla dance together on the song Kajra mohabbat wala. Simmi dances as the guy and gives the first performance. Mihika and Romi dance on O haseena zulfon wali. Raman and Ishita will be showing a romantic track performance. Subbu plans to hurt Simmi’s feelings by going away from her, and starts jerking the side effects of her second marriage. Ishita and Bhalla Family pity on Subbu, knowing he is going to attend the court hearing. Subbu gains sympathy from Simmi saying about Laxmi and Karthik, and how their memories still hold much significance in his life.

KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya is feeling jealous, even when she is uniting Abhi and Tanu. She is not able to end her feelings for Abhi from her heart. She recalls the moments between her and Abhi, and shatters thinking to lead her life alone without him. She removes all the pics off the wall. She gets angry seeing Abhi and Tanu’s pics and burns them finally. Tanu makes an entry and screams seeing the fire. Pragya did something against her nature and is justified as she is unable to see Abhi and Tanu together. This shows that Pragya can’t bear to see them and loves Abhi a lot. Tanu gets against Pragya for burning her room and thinks Pragya wanted to kill her. Tanu plans to blame Pragya for theft and trouble her more.

Satrangee Sasural:

Aarushi and her mum in laws do a fashion show. The ladies does a ramp walk and Dadi becomes the show stopper. Aarushi does this to relieve the family for the financial problem they are facing. The family agrees for the company’s sake. Aarushi teaches them to do ramp walk. They conquer the fashion show by their confidence. Vihaan thanks Aarushi for this idea and is grateful to all his mums and grandma for their support.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Sneha decides to take Rudra and Kaushalya to Mumbai to meet Hari. Amaya tells her that she will accompany her, to take care of her health and also she does not have any job in Banaras to stay back. Sneha asks Amaya to be at home and take care of her sisters. Rudra plans to hurt Sneha in Mumbai for breaking her self confidence, using Rishi’s scam matter. The girls decide to attend Dubey family function and choose the Indian dresses. Amaya’s dress gets torn and she has no option than to wear Uma’s dress. Amaya, Rachita and Jaz dress up in Indian wear and Jaz gets a makeover in Indian attire and without the specs, looking very traditional and beautiful. Amaya wears the dress gifted by Mantu to Uma. Mantu gets tensed seeing Uma and tries to make Uma not see Amaya. Uma spots her wearing her dress and creates a scene there.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni is again at the same point to choose between her mum and dad. Roshni cries seeing DD and Shiv’s fight. Sid comes to her rescue in this tough time. He sees Roshni crying and pacifies her wiping her tears. She says she wants to support mum, but DD’s pain is given by her dad. She does not know what to do, as DD and Shiv both are wanted in her life together. Sid consoles her and asks her to leave things on time, and he assures her to solve the problem being the obedient Jamai. The viewers will be seeing Shiv and DD’s romance.


Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini plan to make the village people bandhua by making them feel the need of preaching the deity. He uses Bhagya’s Devi avatar and tells the villagers to get the chance to mete Devi and do her aarti by bidding an amount. The villagers become great devotees of Devi Maa and agree to Bhaiya ji just to take blessings from Devi. Though they don’t have money to bid, Bhaiya offers them loans and starts making them bandhua again. While Kasturi is wishing to free Chakor, she gets worried for the villagers. Chakor informs this to Arjun and he heads back to Lucknow to seek help from any NGO. He promises Chakor that he will be coming back soon. Arjun and Chakor get disheartened after Ishwar refuses to help them. Chakor tells Arjun that she still trusts Ishwar and he can never do anything wrong. Ishwar secretly goes to meet someone and has some motives, unknown to Bhaiya ji and even Ishwar’s family.


Suhani and Yuvraaj are coming close by their efforts to balance their business. The family makes some sweet arrangements for Yuvraaj’s birthday keeping it simple and subtle decorations. Yuvraaj gets pleased by Suhani’s ideas. Pratima gets glad to see her family happy in minimal arrangements and not running after anything grand, all thanks to Suhani who taught them to find happiness in small things and togetherness. Sharad plans to bring Yuvraaj and Suhani closer and they all play truth and dare game. Yuvraaj’s turn comes and he chooses dare. Sharad asks him to dance with Suhani romantically. Yuvraaj accepts it and dances with Suhani. They look much in love and everyone wish Suhani and Yuvraaj to unite. Sharad asks Yuvraaj to accept his feelings for Suhani, as the feelings will just increase, no matter how far he runs from accepting it.


Bhabhimaa is unable to place Dadda ji’s pic and Akshara comes to help her. Bhabhimaa asks her to be away from her and Dadda ji. Akshara tries to convince her, and Bhabhimaa is still unaware of the truth. The kids are trying hard to unite them and some plans has been failing. Akshara cleans Dadda ji’s pic and Bhabhimaa stops her. She says she has lost this right and asks her to leave from her house. Naksh comes there and says Bhabhimaa is saying right, he has come to know everything and asks Akshara to leave. Akshara cries miserably and looks at Naitik, saying she was fearing for this, that her kids will also hate her. Naksh does so as per his plan and wants to unite Akshara and Bhabhimaa.


Kokila gets angry on Meera and Ahem and says Gopi will die because of them. Kokila starts shouting on Meera. Meera asks Ahem to explain Kokila that she did not do anything. Ahem asks Meera to leave. Kokila cries and takes off all the rights from Ahem. She says Ahem will not do my last rites, he is not my only son now, Gopi will be going her last rites. He loses her temper seeing Gopi fighting with death. She blames Meera for pushing Gopi down the building and she will not leave Ahem and Meera. Kokila says Gopi has sacrificed so much and did not get any positive response from them. She says Ahem is responsible for this, as he made his daughter think Gopi is selfish and has abandoned all her relations. She says any physical wound can heal, but not any wound on the heart. Hetal and Kokila pray that Gopi gets well.


Ishani asks Ranvir to focus on himself and Ritika, rather than troubling her and Shikhar. Ranvir gets jealous seeing Shikhar and Ishani’s eyelock in rain. Meanwhile, Ranvir is not able to bring out passion in his dance with Ritika and dances with the choreographer Paresh too. He is unable to emote and dances well seeing Ishani there. He is trying to love on with Ritika and not succeeding. He makes Ishani jealous by enjoying a romantic dance with Ritika. Ishani and Shikhar’s marriage will be breaking off and the track will be back on Ranvir and Ishani’s love.


Sooraj gets on cloud nine that he has been chosen in the Rajputana team and informs Sandhya. He tells her that he is elected as the team captain and asks her to inform his family. It will be revealed later that Mahendra is a traitor and has been fooling Aditi and Sooraj. When Mahendra sees Sooraj in the ground, he sees his passion and determination. He encourages Sooraj and on the other hand, he has hidden motives keeping his loyalty to Abhay. Prem and Avinash conspire against Sooraj and want to get him disqualified. Aditi tells Sooraj that the team can’t take part in Mahasangram and asks the players to return home. This twist makes the team sad.

Sasural Simar Ka:

The Mahabharat story will be shown in the show. Prem has out Simar at stake and deals with Rajveer. Prem is playing a game with her, and if he wins he will get Naagmani, else he will be losing Simar. Simar cries and says she will not let any woman’s respect kept on stake. Prem gets angry and throws the table. He still wishes to get Naagmani and takes the risks. The Draupadi Cheer Haran similar scene will be shot in the show. Simar says she will write her own fate and protect her self respect. Will Prem lose out Simar to Rajveer?


Astha and Shlok reach the temple and pray together. Shlok prays for getting back Astha in his life and that she regains her memory. Astha is in dilemma over her marriage with her supposed husband Indrajeet and her inclination towards the stranger Shlok. Ajju comes to know from Kalindi about Astha staying with Indrajeet as his wife and Kalindi’s acceptance towards this. She regrets on her decision and supports Shlok’s true love. Everyone pray for Shlok and Astha’s union. The marriage day gets near and Astha fails to stop herself from thinking about Shlok, which makes Indrjaeet worry. Shlok makes Indrajeet fall in Astha’s eyes by bringing out his anger and true face. The upcoming track will be showing Astha gaining her memory and standing with her love Shlok.



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