Love triangle to entangle lives in Manmarzian



Arjun is sort of happy that Radhika stood up against him and has the caliber to keep her thoughts and proof it really work outs. He argues with her to know her more, and gets to know her belief in trust. He challenges her and sends Bonnie to frame Radhika, and prove she is cheating Birdsong by joining hands with the rival agency Samudra. Radhika falls prey in their plan, and Arjun asks her to prove how will her trust save her from this big trouble.

Radhika looks up to Sam and Neil and builds trust in them by her words, and wins over Arjun yet again. Arjun starts getting swayed by Radhika’s true talent and she feels she needs to push Arjun towards a good change to make him value Sam and respect Sam’s feelings. Neil has realized his love for Sam and starts being away to control his heart. While the team has realized Neil’s feelings for Sam and Sam’s feelings for Arjun, they plan to get Neil and Sam together. No one can figure out what’s in Arjun’s heart, as it is just Arjun who knows his hidden feelings and motives. How will Radhika influence Arjun and everyone around her? Keep reading.

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  1. finally sum gud news…. arjun was dats y smiling yesterday while lukin at rads…oooooo….. cant wait fr him to love her!!!!

  2. I really hope Arjun is not paired with rads. It will be such a cliche and bore. Arjun and Sam’s chemistry and intensity is unparalleled. The makers have a chance to break away from the convention. But sadly from the looks of it, they aren’t going to dare go the different way. They will probably ruin one of the most beautiful things on TV soon. Sam-Arjun all the way!


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