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Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Ahem marries Gopi and takes rounds with her in the hospital after she gains consciousness, defeating death, thanks to Ahem’s tough vrat savitri puja. He makes her wear the sacred thread as mangalsutra and fills her maang with sindoor. Gopi gets glad and has dressed up with all the decorations. Kokila is happy too and hugs Ahem and Gopi happily. Mansi looks on shockingly and realizes that she lost Ahem to Gopi. Everyone gets happy and shower love on the newly – remarried couple. As Ahem brought Gopi out of death, gets her wear bridal attire and adorns jewellery on her. He showers love and concern for her which he had hidden all these years. The hatred for her in his heart changes to never ending forever love.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi:

Shikhar and Ishani are dancing in the party and he is carrying much enthusiasm in dance moves. Here there is lurking danger for Ishani with a goon keeping eye on her. There are more attack on her with the chandelier of the party scene is manipulated to make it fall down on Ishani. RV was also present there and have been seeing their dance while being jealous and sad. He finds the chandelier falling down and manages to save ishani and Shikhar in the nick of time. He pushes Shikhar away while provides ishani the cover with his body. RV’s efforts in saving Ishani’s life brings them close and with the factor of thankfulness. Shikhar is in shock and wonders the one responsible behind the conspiracy to harm Ishani. The mystery behind the attacker brings the twist in Ishani & Shikhar’s pre-wedding rituals.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi checks the report and tells Dadi that Pragya is pregnant. Dadi gets overwhelmed with emotions and gets happy with the news of arrival of her grand child. She blesses Abhi and Pragya and congratulates herself. She asks everyone to congratulate her as she is becoming grand mum of Abhi and Pragya’s child. Dadi is thinking that Pragya is pregnant and is happy. Pragya is boggled and doesn’t know what to say. Abhi smiles and makes her eat the sweets with his hand. Pragya hesitantly eats it. Abhi and Pragya pretend to be happy with the good news. Dadi says she is very happy and kisses Pragya happily. She announces that she is going to be grand mum soon, oblivious that Tanu is pregnant instead. Pragya and Abhi are smiling and happy. Tanu looks on surprisingly as she knew that they are mistaken. Everyone looks on happily and enjoys moments of celebrations.

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:

Nishi is very upset with herself and Jignesh after learning she can never bear a child from her mum. Ragini is supported by Aman and she is much worried with Nishi’s situation. Nishi couldn’t handle her situation well and gets more troubled with her in-laws sympathetic behavior and regards it as taunts. She takes a drastic step in trying to take her own life. Ragini comes to know of Nishi’s harmful step taken because of her vulnerability and weakness state. She contacts Neil informing him about Nishi’s condition, and he gets shocked to hear it. Neil is in awe of Dr. Karthik who is infertility and IVF expert and isn’t aware of Karthik’s relationship with Suhani. Karthik is a special person to Suhani. The show is taking a leap of 9 months. Afterwards, there is a meetup of Ragini and Neil in India, and presumably Neil coming back to look after Nishi’s condition and providing her strength and direction in overcoming her medical condition of not able to conceive a child.


Ganga is changed girl now and has decided to study unlike in the past where she used to make sure the tutors are troubled with her. She informs Niranjan on her wish to study. Niranjan tells that he will take her test and if she passes the test then he will let her study. Ganga insists to study and says she want to become an officer. She promises not to trouble her teacher too. Niranjan decides to take her test, but actually is very happy and doesn’t show his happiness. Niranjan agreed because of his wife Madhvi’s insistence and puts forth the condition infront of Ganga to learn math tables from 2 to 5 till evening. Ganga is flying high with the new change in her and passion for education, and the stage is set for her to succeed.


Dance+ is an upcoming dance show on Star Plus, with Remo as the top mentor/judge. The auditions are currently on, and on ‘3rd June (tomorrow)’, the auditions are going to take place in Guwahati, Assam. The aspiring contestant who is interested in giving an audition can send a SMS with message DANCE to 57827 [SMS is charged a fee]. The location is Guwahati Medical College Hospital Auditorium, Assam 781005, and the gates open @ 9 AM. Check more info in the promo.

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Ishwar has been trying to know about Bhaiya ji’s trade of bonded labor. He does not get any sign on their hands and gets curious to know what game is Bhaiya ji playing. He takes the big risk and changes his look. He acts like Bhagya Devi’s devotee and bids the Aarti for Rs 10,000. He asks Bhaiya ji for the loan and tells them that he is mute. Bhaiya ji makes him a Bandhua and Ishwar is taken to the tattoo room. He gets the Bandhua tattoo made on his back neck. Chakor is shocked seeing him at the haveli and asks him why did he get this done on himself. Ishwar asks her not to worry and thanks her for always keeping her trust on him, when Abha and Aditya misunderstood him. He tells her that now the fight will be more bigger, as he is also similar to her now. Chakor sees the Bandhua sign and gets sad for him. He says we are equal now and will settle all scores with Bhaiya ji. He asks Bhaiya ji to be ready as he will be burning his evil.



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