New knits and knots in Nisha and Kabir’s life in Nisha Aur…



Nisha’s identity of a Gangwal and Ramesh’s daughter comes to the knowledge of Vasundara – Kabir’s mom. Vasundara makes taunts at Ramesh and doesn’t want to look at her past: she regards him of ditching her for his aspirations. Moreover, she is aware that Kabir hasn’t confessed his love, and also he isn’t aware how much Nisha loves him, but knows he loves Nisha very much. On other hand, the Gangwals’ regard Nisha’s Bidaai to take place with Vasundhara coming to their home.


Nisha wears a Saree to impress her mom-in law and also makes Gulab Jamun sweets. There are some romantic moments between Nisha-Kabir as he gets much awe after seeing her in the saree, but fails to express his love. Nisha is mistaken and is not aware of Kabir’s love for her, and his love confession amidst the revelation of Gangwals to Vasundara awaits. Will Vasundara let go of the past, and do not throw obstacles in Nisha-Kabir’s married life, as she knows Kabir’s love status? Keep reading.


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