Dylan to alert Dabbu about Aseem’s vicious motives in Dilli Wali…


dilli dylan

Dylan comes to know about Dabbu agreeing to marry Aseem. He knows Aseem has ruined many girls’ lives and wants to safeguard Dabbu. He goes to a café to attend a meeting, and sees Aseem and Chadda there. He hears their conversation and gets to know everything, about Aseem planning to marry Dabbu just to make LN selloff the house, and get 6 crores share from him. He gets shocked knowing how Aseem has fooled Dabbu and is helping Chadda to get Thakur home.


Dylan rushes to tell the truth to Dabbu. He goes to office and tries to inform Dabbu. Dabbu does not listen to him, and tells him that she trusts Aseem more than him. She shows him the pics Aseem gave him, which shows Dylan and Chadda joining hands. Dylan gets upset losing Dabbu’s trust and promises to save Dabbu from Aseem. He decides to stop Aseem and Dabbu’s marriage. How will Dylan bring Aseem’s true face infront of Dabbu and Thakur family? Keep reading.


  1. A bunch of us started watching this serial bcos we liked the book. But this serial us not anything like the book. Dabbu is a strong character in the book who trusts her instincts. The character in the serial is emotional, weepy, confused and cannot trust her heart. I guess that’s what happens when you try to convert a 85 page novel into a 185 week mega serial. Dylan aka Aamir is the only saving grace. We are stopping to watch this serial from today. Good luck to the cast and crew of Dilli wali thakur girls.


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