Rudra to consume Vish being dutiful to Amrit and Mahakumbh



After the Holy Ganga river drying, many devotees shed tears. Bhairavi and Shivanand ask them to have belief that Ganga will make a comeback again and forgive them. Rudra fails to get the waters from Dansh and sees the scarcity, which makes the people kill each other just to get a bottle of water to quench their thirst. Rudra worries seeing the state which is getting worse by each passing day, as people are fighting for a single drop of water. A land without water will just ruin lives.

The hal hal cloud burst has dried the Ganga and with poison increasing his hold over the Amrit, Rudra has no option that to consume all the Naag evil poison to bring back the Ganga river back to life. He thinks the poison will ruin the human race and anyone has to drink the poison if he has to get Amrit. Rudra goes to fight with Vish, to save the Kumbh Ganga and protect Amrit. Will Rudra survive after consuming the poison? How will the Garudas do their duty if they lose their Garuda head Rudra in the process of saving Ganga? The show is going towards its closure in July, and with the mega war still going to happen, the track gets speedy and brings more fiction and special effects to please the audience. Keep reading.

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