Radha to learn Neha and Abhishek’s certainty in Mere Rang Mein…


mere rang2

Radha gets doubtful on Abhishek and his parents and notices their cover up act. She thinks something is fishy. She shares her doubt with LD and suggests him to enquire about them in the neighborhood. LD refuses instantly and asks her not to spy on Abhishek and his family. He thinks Abhishek and his parents would feel bad if they enquire about them. He tells Radha that Jhanvi and Abhishek love each other and that’s what matters to them. Radha is unconvinced though and thinks to get to the root of the truth. She finds something strange in the house and opines that Abhishek’s family doesn’t stay here and are upto something.


Abhishek is Neha’s younger brother, who is taking revenge on Chaturvedi family. Neha cooked up a fake story infront of Abhishek and he trusts her blindly. He traps Jhanvi as per Neha’s planning. Neha wants to teach Chaturvedi a lesson, and plans to force them to marry her with Murli. She feels Chaturvedi will be shattered after Abhishek ditches their daughter and would accept her because of Jhanvi. Jayshree is doubtful about the fake family and doesn’t know that Abhishek’s parents are hired actors. Radha will soon know about the Neha’s link up with Abhishek and gets tensed. She decides to stop the engagement ceremony. What will Radha do to alert LD? Keep reading.


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