Shastri Sisters to tackle Astha and Kajal’s heinous crimes




Astha has been shamelessly setting a bad example, by putting wrong blame on Rohan for molesting her. Vrinda shows her trust on Rohan and Sunil is just ashamed of Astha. Astha shows her true face to them and lays her conditions infront of them, to relieve Rohan of the case. She asks Alka to leave Rohan, and Rohan should come to her, agreeing to her conditions. The family gets shaken up, as Astha has not left any clue to prove Rohan’s innocence.

On the other hand, Anu is troubled by Kajal. Devyaani and Rajat try finding the drug dosage given by Anu and send the halwa for the testing. Kajal will be soon caught by the family. Kajal succeeds in taking the house keys from Minty and plans to kick out Sareen family before Rajat and Anu expose her. Minty will be shocked seeing Kajal’s true face and knowing her real motives. How will Rajat and Anu catch Ajay for getting the drugs and punish Ajay and Kajal for their heinous crime? Keep reading.


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