Simar challenges to fail Rajveer’s plans in Sasural…



Simar threatens Mausi ji that she will take revenge on her within 24 hours and will take help of every possible means (fair or unfair). Prem goes to Rajveer’s room while he is sleeping and tries to kill him. Simar comes and stops him from committing a crime. Later Mata ji couldn’t bear Mausi ji torture any more and loses her cool. She picks up a knife and holds against Mausi ji. She determines not to leave her and take revenge for her crimes. Mausi ji looks on scared as her son Rajveer is away. She has supported Simar and Roli in the past, but now has turned negative. Maya and Simar support Mata ji, while everyone looks on shocked.


Maya scolds Mausi ji and tries to make her realize her mistake. The police comes to arrest Manoranjan Mausi. Mausi ji tries hard to convince the inspector that she did not do anything. Mausi ji gets arrested. Rajveer gets angry and says once his mum is out of jail, he will make their life hell. Simar gives the challenge to Rajveer that she will fail him very soon. Keep reading.


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