Ragini ponders to revive her love for Laksh in Swaragini



Sanskaar is playing an emotional game with blackmail, accusations at large and doing all with his shrewd confidence. At first, he made Swara confessed love to Laksh after threatening to harm Ragini, which made them agree for it. He took the MMS video of the love confession and  Swara-Laksh’s close moments and distributed. He succeeded in building a new barrier in Ragini’s Garodia family and Sumi’s Maheshwari’s family. Swara & Ragini came back home but Swara was compelled to open-up on her love for Laksh but she decides to decline to accept her love, and even informs the same to her mum Sumi. Parvati’s dadi is agitated and is sure that Swara loves Laksh.

Next, Sanskaar’s vieled attacks didn’t stop there as he succeeds to lay the trap for Laksh’s arrest with his goons naming him for Ragini’s kidnapping. He still wants to seperate Swara and Laksh and create more distance, while earlier he compelled Swara to confess love, thus playing an emotional game. Durga Prasad’s reputation gets damaged with Laksh’s arrest, who pleads his innocence but in vain, and Dadi jumps on the opportunity to give disgrace to him. Amidst Laksh’s arrest, Ragini gets into thinking mode on why she shouldn’t revisit her love and thus flipflops to revive love for him again, and thinks to override on her sister’s love. Swara also loves Laksh but limits herself to confess due to circumstances and family pressure. Will Laksh succeed in proving his innocence with police help ? What will happen when Swara comes to know about Ragini’s love revival for Laksh ?


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