Ishwar rescues Bhagya; Bhaiya ji gets turbulent in Udaan


udaan ishwar

Ishwar lies to Bhaiya ji about Chakor being at his home. He tells her plan to rescue Bhagya. He asks Arjun to disguise as laborer and reach the temple to free Bhagya. He tells him that many laborers are needed to shift the coconuts from the temple and he can hide Bhagya in the same truck. Chakor gets glad to have Ishwar on his side. Arjun reaches the temple and meets Bhagya. Bhagya does not recognize him and Arjun reveals his identity to her. Bhavani sees him and gets angry. Bhavani catches Arjun and Bhagya. Chakor and the kids divert Bhavani and help Arjun and Bhagya run away.

Ishwar makes another plan to win Bhaiya ji’s trust and informs him that Arjun has taken Bhagya from the temple. Bhaiya ji gets stunned and thanks Ishwar. He says he knew Chakor and her gang are up to something. He rushes to the temple and asks Lakhan to find Bhagya at any cost. Ishwar misleads Bhaiya ji by telling him that Arjun has taken Bhagya to Lucknow. Bhaiya ji agrees with this possibility and sends Lakhan to the bus stop. Arjun and Bhagya hide in a marriage hall, while Bhaiya ji finds them everywhere. Ishwar informs Arjun about Bhaiya ji’s moves and does his part in freeing Bhagya. Will Ishwar lose his life when his truth comes in Bhaiya ji’s eyes? Keep reading.


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