Alka and Rohan to face court trials in Shastri Sisters



Kajal sees Rajat and Anu following her and makes Ajay run away. Rajat and Anu miss to hear the conversation and return home. Kajal understands Rajat is cheating her and feels even Neil is helping Rajat. Rajat and Neil lookout for Ajay and follow him in the market. They make a plan to catch Ajay. Anu and Devyaani tackle Kajal and challenge to expose her in few hours. Ajay calls Kajal and tells her that he has made the property papers ready and asks her to come and collect them. Ajay meets Rajat and Neil. Kajal tries making Minty against Anu and Rajat again.


On the other hand, Alka comes home from office and Vrinda tells her that Rohan has gone to apologize to Astha. She gets worried and rushes to stop it. She reaches Astha’s place and stops Rohan from apologizing. She convinces Rohan and takes him back home, making Astha more angry. Alka and Rohan prepare for the first court hearing and Vrinda worries for the humiliation the family will face. What will Astha do now with this another insult by Alka? Keep reading.


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