Sneha Wagh to bid adieu; Ratan to die in Star Plus’ Veera



Ratan gets to know about Dilawar putting a bomb in the harvest godown. She rushes to save the harvest as its related to all the farmer’s life. She takes the bomb box and runs from there. The goons try to stop her and hurt her. Ratan gets wounded and runs in the rain holding the bomb box. Everyone is in the function going on in pind. They get shocked when the kid tells them that Ratan is hurt and running towards the fields. Everyone rush to find her and spot her. They try to stop Ratan and see her hurt. Ratan does not stop when everyone call her out. She sees them and runs more faster. They get puzzled on her strange behavior.


Ratan goes to a lonely place and hides from her family to save their lives. Ratan dies in the bomb blast and saves the pind and also the harvest. Ranvi and Veera lose their Biji and do not know the culprit behind placing the bomb in the warehouse. Everyone in the pind get a huge shock by Ratan’s unfortunate death. Ranvi and Veera get shattered seeing Ratan’s death, and feel guilty of not doing their duty to safeguard their mother. The show will mark Ratan’s character ending sadly. Sneha Wagh was part of the show since its start and will be exiting from the show in the next saddening track. Her fans will surely miss her out. Keep reading.



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