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Mere Angne Mein:

Shivam Srivastav falls in love with Riya and is tensed about his grandma’s strict rules in managing a home. Shanti Devi is the authoritative lady of the family who wants to make everything as per her way and also keep the finance in her hand. She thinks keeping money and house run in her hand will make her control everyone in the house. She believes the power to rule is very necessary as it shows the elder’s value in the home. Shivam marries Riya after letting her know everything about his family. Riya us an independent working girl, who believes in giving rights to live life to everyone. She asks Shanti to run a democratic household, which makes the two have a clash in ideologies. Riya ends the difference in mindset due to the generation gap and wins everyone’s hearts in the house, by Shivam’s support. She believes in making things better by change, and not by chance.

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* Mere Angne Mein starts tonight @ 5:30 PM IST, and replaces IPKKND2.


Akshara and Naitik’s sangeet is going on. The families decide the theme after much discussions. After Naitik and Akshara caught cold, their romance secret was coming out by Rajshri. The couple has romantic moments to recall their first marriage and deeply miss Gayatri Maa and Dadda ji. Their cold and sneezes ruin their romance. Everyone perform during sangeet, according to their age and era’s dance. Naksh and Naira perform too. Naksh, Yash and Sanju perform on Govinda song. Naitik gets angry with Naksh as he got drunk in the sangeet function and did not come home. Naksh gets worried seeing Naitik’s anger and apologizes to him. Rashmi and Gayu baby makes a comeback in the haldi function, and the families do the functions in grand way. Akshara and Naitik have light moments with Bhabhimaa and haldi function turns into a memorable one. Bhabhimaa gets bit weak and Naitik sends her to rest. Bhabhimaa applies haldi to Naitik and Rukmani compliments Singhanias to form a happy family again.

Dream Girl:

After Samar’s repeated proposals, Laxmi gets angry and refuses him, saying she does not love him and just loves her dreams. Samar does not believe Ayesha at first and after hearing it from Laxmi, he believes money matters to Laxmi. Samar leaves the flat in rage and goes back to Sareen mansion, to resume his normal lifestyle. Manav gets glad to see Samar back home and finds some upset feelings hidden in his heart. Manav tries to know about Samar’s love and Samar dismisses the talk. Laxmi goes on to perform in the final round after refusing Samar and knows she has to put the best efforts to win the Dream Girl tag. Samar feels she may become Dream Girl, but he has eventually lost her.


Sooraj and the team struggle a lot in the 2nd match. The team stays in the tournament and Sooraj tells Sandhya about his doubt on a traitor in the team, who has spoiled his shoes, Ratan’s hearing aid and kept oil bottle to provoke Prem to cheat. He confides to Sandhya that someone does not want Rajputana team to win. Sandhya takes the task and gets some clues to find out that the coach Mahendra is the traitor. She informs Sooraj, who finds it hard to believe. Later, Sandhya tells him that Mahendra is actually Abhay’s father, as Abhay is his illegitimate child and Mahendra has kept this truth hidden even from Aditi. Sooraj and Sandhya rush to Aditi and the entire team, thus exposing Mahendra’s true face. Everything gets cleared by Sooraj’s efforts and Aditi kicks out Mahendra from the coach post, losing trust on him. Mahendra meets Avinash and instigates him against Sooraj.

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Qubool Hai:

Aahil and Sanam manage to free themselves from tribal people, and are in the jungle for searching the way back home. Sanam falls in the mud pit, and when Aahil helps her get out from pit, She gets angry and asks him to stay away from her. They reach highway and hope to get lift from the passerby cars. They try to call for help and does not get network. Sanam asks him to go as she can take care of herself. She tries to get lift and gets trapped by the goons, but Aahil being her savior rescues her. Aahil and Sanam are together in the jungle, and Sanam’s memory is still on the way.


Dilawar tries fooling the people and Ratan understands his cleverness. She asks him to prove to them that he has changed and wants their welfare. Dilawar asks her what he can do to show major change in him. Ratan asks him to return the land documents to all the farmers, and relieve them of the big loans. Dilawar gets stunned and says it his business to hold some lands and give loans to people. Ratan counters him as he has taken over 80% profits from the farmers and they all have paid the loan in that way. Dilawar agrees to return the farmer’s lands and conspires to knock off Ratan from his way.

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Jamai Raja:

Sid gets angry on Roshni for some reason and scolds her, but then realizes his mistake and thinks to make up with her. Sid sings SRK song and tries to woo Roshni like a true hero in a filmy style. Sid tries hard to make up with her and gives her balloons, and a bouquet. Sid walks behind Roshni and sings romantic song, but Roshni pretends to be unaffected and angry. She feels it is the best way to make up and is happy to get Sid’s attention in her heart. Later on, Sid and Roshni come for dinner with their family members. It is actually a surprise for Roshni from Sid’s side. He planned this surprise to make her realize his love for her and to make her calm down from angry mood. They had a fight before, Sid realizes his mistake and thinks to patch up with her. Sid dances with Roshni on a romantic number, and takes her for a dinner date. Misha gets a call and is ready to bring a twist in Sid’s life by making him apart from Roshni.

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Tere Sheher Mein:

Amaya has tried hard to end her infatuation for Mantu and met him to return his watch, but her feelings got stronger for him. She gets happy by Mantu showing his trust by asking to keep his most valuable thing – his dad’s watch. She feels she is bitten by love and gets worried on how her sisters will joke on her, knowing she is in love with Mantu. Sneha’s entry brings few tensed moments in the show, as she bursts her anger on Amaya for Gajanand’s state. Later, it gets cleared by Mantu, who spotted Amaya at the hospital that night and he wins Amaya’s heart more ahead by ending the misunderstanding. The Mathur family starts feeling financially unstable and Mantu refers Amaya’s name for a good job to help her out. Amaya gets thankful to him, and she starts imagining him everywhere as her love gets over her head. Rachita comes to know about Rama’s engagement and decides to stop it any any cost, as Kavita is not suitable for Rama.

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi – MATSH:

Ritika’s truth of being the murderer of Falguni is out, and has also murdered her estranged BF Chirag. She is the mastermind and frames another person as the culprit in jail by her blackmail and has scripted the blame on Derwash and makes RV believe the same. Ranvir goes to the police station and gets angry seeing Devarsh’s bail. Ranvir slaps Devarsh. Sharman asks Ranvir not to interfere in his family matters. Ranvir due to his mistaken believe argues Devarsh has killed Falguni and tries to kill Ishani too. Ishani enters the scene and asks Ranvir not to decide who is the culprit, no need to interfere in their family matters, court will decide is Devarsh innocent or criminal. She scolds him and supports her brothers. On another front, RV and Ishani’s Déjà vu love moments play out with him imagining a dream sequence of applying Haldi to Ishani. He also dreams sweet moments with her, and their Nok-Jhok. While Ishani-RV are inching closer to have their re-marriage but Ritika’s role in the murder, and the current misunderstanding also unfolds in parallel. Shikhar’s help to Ishani in finding out the killer is also going on. What will happen with Ritika’s crime coming to the knowledge of Ishani, Shikhar, and RV ?

Sasural Simar Ka:

Naag and Naagin are nowhere in Simran’s house. Roli and Sid are trying to save Naag mani, and trying to hide it from RaniSa, but the moment she knew it, she came to them holding sword and attacks them. They steal the Naag Mani from RaniSa’s haveli, to prevent her from misusing it. Roli doesn’t know how to rescue Sid. RaniSa attacks Sid with sword, but Roli holds the sword to stop her. Sid gets unconscious and the track brings some action, as Roli and RaniSa will fight with each other.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Sakshi turns the table around after getting jealous seeing Dhruv applauding Thapki for her bravery and successful sting operation. Sakshi tells Dhruv that Thapki has intentionally pushed her near the sweet shop to reveal her face to Ghanshyam, so that Thapki can go for the short cut to success and impress him. Dhurv believes the old staff Vivek and Sakshi than the new intern Thapki. Dhruv asks Thapki to write sorry on the notice board 100 times so that it’s a lesson for all the new interns. Thapki does not bend to injustice and tells him that she will not apologize if she is not at fault. Dhruv gets angry on her stubborn nature and asks her to either leave the job or apologize. Thapki chooses to leave the job and sticks to her words that she did not do any mistake. Dhruv gets stunned by her decision. Later on, Krishnakant breaks the sad news to Poonam about losing the home and shop to repay the bank loan taken for Thapki’s marriage. Poonam gets devastated and informs the same to Thapki. The family goes through a financial turmoil and Thapki has no option left than to apologize to Dhruv and join back the job, keeping her self esteem aside to support her family.

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Baa has her memory revival while reading Bapu’s books. She thanks Mahatma Gandhi/Bapu for helping her in recalling her past. Ishwar fails to get any proof against Bhaiya ji and even Ranjana is clueless about the secret safe in the haveli. Baa gets to know about Ishwar and Ranjana trying to expose Bhaiya ji and recalls how Bhaiya ji wanted to kill Chakor. She takes a bold step to ruin Bhaiya ji’s evil of making bonded labor and tells Ishwar about the secret passage which leads to Bhaiya ji’s safe where he keeps all the bonded labor make-documents. Ishwar thanks Baa for her big help and thinks this will mark an end to Bhaiya ji’s evil. Ranjana plays safe and thinks to rule Aazaadgunj with a clean chit by Ishwar. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini are away to find Bhagya, knowing she eloped with Arjun and kids gang. Abha makes Arjun and Bhagya sit to mock marriage, wherein the pandit considers them as a genuine couple. Will Arjun and Bhagya get married?


Kokila tells Ahem that she has seen a thief coming in the room, but she has caught the man’s bag and gloves. Everyone doubt Sanskaar to be the kidnapper and Vidya tells them that Sanskaar is really the kidnapper. Kokila swears she will not leave him. Gopi faces more troubles in the next track. The thief leaves the clues and find out that its Meera’s doings. How will Gopi change her spoilt daughter? Meera sends a MMS that she is not related to Ahem and Gopi anymore. Kokila gets raged and promises them that she will get Meera back in the family by any way, good or bad. Paridhi acts rude to Rashi and pushes her away. Gopi sees this and holds Rashi. Paridhi blames Rashi to keep Gopi away from family for 10 years, as Gopi has killed Radha just to save Rashi.

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Doli Armanon Ki:

The big twist is the show has come. Samrat does the evil by burning Urmi at the godown. Actress Neha Marda’s journey as Urmi in the show will be ending. With Samrat’s evil getting to the high point, the show will be getting a leap. With Urmi’s face change and another actress stepping in the role, the show will be bringing a new generation with 20 year leap, where Mohit Malik will be playing the positive role of Shaurya. Samrat will be shown moving out of the city and making the villainous entry later in the show.


After Subbu’s matter solved, Simmi does not hold grudge against him realizing Mrs. Bhalla’s unintentional mistake. Raman will be bothered by his prime investor, whose daughter Vinni will be linked to Adi. Vinni’s mum is rich class influential lady who is positive towards Adi, but troubles start when Vinni’s dad comes to know about Adi being Raman Bhalla’s son. The upcoming track will be bringing Raman and Ishita close after all the matters got solved. The viewers will get to see their romance and their marriage consummation. The show will be taking a leap after this romantic track, where the probability is Ishita and Raman parting ways, as Ishita mishandles a sensitive issue related to Adi.

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Shastri Sisters:

Rajat celebrates Anu’s birthday hiding from the family after he fooled Kajal in his words that he is on her side and she is better person than Anu. Kajal gets to know of Rajat’s truth to be with Anu and celebrating her birthday. She thinks Neil will support her, as he has promised her before. Neil supports Rajat and Anu and tries to help them in proving Kajal’s truth out. He tells Anu that his divorce decision was right. Devyaani gets to know about Kajal cheating Neil and feels sorry for him. Alka and Vrinda get into an argument after Vrinda facing humiliation because of Alka’s adamant decision of not making Rohan apologize to Astha.


Dadi has succeeded in creating a rift in Suhani and Soumya’s friendship by bailing out Krishna and becoming great in Soumya’s eyes. She keeps the in house party just to show how Suhani is celebrating after sending Krishna to jail. Krishna takes a big step by making Birlas dance on his fingers. While no one believes Krishna’s innocence, Suhani has lost Soumya’s friendship again. Dadi plans to wind up Suhani’s stay in Birla house and hatches a new devious plan.


Kabir realizes his love for Ananya and the trigger was Ananya’s life danger and how he saved her life. Ananya regards Kabir as her close friend and couldn’t accept her love for Kabir in front of Ronnie. Kabir and Ananya’s relationship steers ahead as he gives her some of her dad’s belonging. Malvika who has a crush on Kabir is distraught with the possibility of Kabir-Ananya in love. What’s more to the unspoken love story of Kabir & Ananya? Will Kabir take first steps to express his love?

KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya goes to check on Tanu’s health. She hears Tanu talking to Nikhil, and admitting that he is the father of her child. Tanu tells him that the baby will get Abhi’s name as she has moved on in life and wants to live her future with Abhi. Pragya gets stunned and angry too knowing Tanu’s truth. She ponders on how to bring this truth out and seeks help from Nikhil. Pragya realizes her mistake on not believing Abhi and forcing Tanu’s relation on him. She decides to make things fine between her and Abhi. Pragya heads to apologize to Abhi and gets happy in her heart that she will not need to sacrifice her love.


Dance+ auditions are currently going on in a phased manner in different cities. On 17th June, the auditions are set to take place in Jaipur. if you’re passionate about dance, then go ahead to showcase your talent by participation.

17th June, Jaipur: Promo
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  1. YHM will be getting boring if you apart Ishu and Raman. Why do these programme are stretched to the level they get boring.

  2. I can’t believe yhm. I hate that spoiler I am not gonna watch it if this is correct and they will lose a lot of viewers. PLS SAY IT IS NOT TRUE?


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