Roshni to propose Sid for re-marriage after their divorce truth revelation


jamai raja211

Sid and Roshni succeeded in finally bringing DD and Shiv together with their re-marriage and making them happy. Sid took his responsibility of Jamai very well. Next, Roshni gets a shocker to know how her divorce happened in exchange of her mom DD’s property. She realizes why Sid has taken such painful step, and prepares to meet him.┬áLater on, Roshni arranges a romantic and serene setting for Sid and invites him there. Sid’s happiness is visible after seeing Roshni proposing to him with marry me board in a romantic manner. Sid reciprocates to her love and gets close under romantic moon light amidst the decorations. Sooner then, they confess loved feelings to each other.┬áSid liked Roshni’s suprise and both even dance on romantic dance number and indulge in passionate moments later.


While, Sid and Roshni in all certainty are coming closer after Simran’s revelation about Roshni’s divorce and DD property connection. But Simran’s motives are not good for Roshni and even she retorted to take help of Misha. So, Simran coming forward to reveal the revelation has some hidden motive. What will happen to Sid and Roshni’s renewed relationship amidst Simran’s seperation motive ?



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