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Akshara sits for her haldi rasam. Akshara looks lovely after adorning flowers’ jewellery and haldi, like a perfect bride. Everyone dance and celebrate Akshara and Naitik’s haldi ceremony. Akshara laughs seeing Naitik with haldi marks on his face and teases him. Naitik says he is looking like a monkey in the functions and tries to clean his haldi smeared face. Naitik gets angry with the haldi marks not going off easily and tells everyone to cancel the marriage. Everyone get worried seeing his annoyed mood. Later, Naksh and Naira convince him to get ready for marriage. Akshara gets ready for the marriage and looks superbly gorgeous. The next twist is panditji doing something which stops the marriage.


Jamai Raja:

Roshni calls Sid somewhere. Sid comes there and looks at the romantic arrangements. He gets happy seeing Roshni proposing him with marry me board. Roshni proposes him for marriage and is romantic. Sid reciprocates her love and gets closer to her under romantic moon light with all the decorations. They confess feelings to each other. This is Roshni’s surprise for Sid and he likes it. They dance on the romantic number. Sid gets really happy to see his ladylove proposing him and she is again in love with him. They indulge in some passionate moments thereafter.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Dadi calls the media to inform about Abhi’s baby to bring happiness in their lives. Pragya gets in trouble again. She gets tensed thinking Dadi might inform the media about her pregnancy. She believes it is wrong to do fake publicity when she is really not pregnant. Abhi and Pragya start fighting each other like usual, infront of media. Pragya signs Abhi to stop Dadi, and he gets alert. He tries to stop Dadi from informing the media about Pragya’s pregnancy. Dadi wants to shout aloud that she is being promoted to great grand mum with Abhi’s baby’s good news. Very soon Tanu’s pregnancy truth will be exposed and Pragya will fight for her rights.

Qubool Hai:

There is a family function at home, Jannat wears black gown and looks bold. Aahil gets bowled over by her changed look. Jannat enters with Shaad, holding his hand. Aahil gets jealous to see his Sanam holding a stranger’s hand. Jannat gets the chance and she taunts Aahil, reminding him that she is Shaad’s Jannat. Even though she loves Aahil, but tries to prove him that she loves Shaad. Aahil drinks wine and then sings a song. Later, he will reveal to her that she is his real Sanam, which Shaad overhears. Sanam gets shocked and surprised with the revelation.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Yuvraaj beats Krishna being an angry young man. Suhani’s home is shadowed with troubles after Dadi’s plan backfired on her. Krishna asks Dadi to wear simple clothes which makes Yuvraaj angry. He asks her to cook for them too. Krishna and Soumya are taking revenge for the former’s insult.

Shastri Sisters:

After Kajal gets exposed in Minty’s eyes, Minty gives her a hard slap and says she wishes to just kill her. Minty rages in anger and pushes Kajal away. Ajay lights the place with fire and thinks how will Sareen family get saved now. Rajat gets everyone out while Kajal does not leave Minty’s leg asking her to forgive her. Minty frees herself and shouts for help seeing the place packed up with fire. She gets trapped and Rajat and Neil realize Minty is still inside. Rajat rushes there to save her. They all see Kajal rescuing Minty and bringing her out. Kajal does this drama to win Minty’s heart again. Minty does not forgive her and asks Rajat to not get Kajal arrested. Minty sends her away and asks her never to come back home. Meanwhile, Leela starts her drama at home and blames Sareen family to be responsible for Kajal’s disappearance. Minty tells her that they have no idea where Kajal went. Leela files FIR against Sareen family and calls up police, which shocks them.


Baa does not tell Tejaswini about giving proof to Ishwar against Bhaiya ji. Tejaswini rushes to the haveli as Bhaiya ji asks her to run the evidences against him before police finds it. Tejaswini and Lakhan head to the haveli. They burn up the papers to save Bhaiya ji. The police enters the haveli and spots Tejaswini ruining the evidences. They arrest her for this crime to support a criminal. Tejaswini too lands up in jail, much to Baa and Chakor’s delight. Bhaiya ji aims revenge from Chakor, knowing she has helped Ishwar in trapping him.

Mere Angne Mein:

Pari is not happy with the proposal she got and seeks help from Shanti. Shanti is displeased knowing about the guy, who runs a business of providing canteen food items in Ashok’s canteen. She goes to Sarla’s house and argues with Ashok. While the guy’s family comes to see Pari, Shanti spoils everything and ends the alliance. Ashok gets upset with this and Shanti in her usual taunting style asks him not to make Pari’s life as Sarla’s. Shanti and Riya meet on the way again. Riya drives her scooty and the dirt falls on Shanti’s saree. Shanti gets angry seeing her and scolds her another time. She forms a hatred for Riya, not knowing Riya is keen to marry Shivam. Shivam stays away from Riya and she asks him the reason of his strange behavior. Riya asks does he have any GF for whom he hurries up everyday. Riya shows her interest in Shivam, while he worries for Raghav and Shanti’s reaction about Riya, if he reciprocates to her feelings. Shivam meets Riya at the restaurant and spots Shanti there. He hides with Riya, while Shanti wants to know about Shivam’s lady love.

Riya to confess love to Shivam; Shanti and Riya to clash in Mere Angne Mein


Raman and Ishita will have a major fight yet again. All this happens because of Adi. Ishita keeps a CCTV camera in Adi’s room to monitor him. Raman scolds her for doing this totally wrong step and scolds her. Ishita does so as she has to be strict towards Adi, knowing what all he has done in his past. Mrs. Bhalla gets stuck hearing their arguments and feels Ishita is concerned for Adi, she is a good mum who keeps an eye on the kids. Later on, Vandu starts getting labor pain while she is at Bhalla house. Raman, Romi and Abhishek panic and take care of her being worried for the baby. Vandu tells them that the baby is going to come soon. They make her rest on the sofa and fan air for easy breathing.

Ishita to fix CCTV camera in Adi’s room; Huge drama to follow in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Kabir couldn’t leave far from Nisha as he loves her much but due to misunderstanding wanted to see her happiness, and with Viraj. When Kabir left her, she got inhibitions whether Kabir loves her but soon she realizes she loves Kabir much and is sure he will return, and waits for him earnestly. Its all Vasundara’s ploy to seperate Nisha-Kabir, which made Kabir to return his love to Viraj. Viraj is blinded in love with Nisha while she makes him clear about her identity and marriage with Kabir, and takes it with much devotion. Vasu’s lies and unreasonable revenge brought pain for Nisha, and vows to seperate Nisha & Kabir forever. With Kabir getting cleared of the misunderstanding about Nisha and knowing the truth: She loves him and not Viraj & couldn’t succeed to stop him when he was going would pave the way for their love reunion. Moreover, still Viraj’s identity truth and relationship with Kabir is not out and will unravel soon. So, Vasundara’s lies and Viraj’s identity revelations will reinforce steps in bringing Nisha & Kabir together.

Nisha & Kabir’s Love reunion


Ahem slaps Meera finding her in the temple in bridal dress. Gopi stops Ahem saying Meera is immature. Ahem slaps her multiple times as his anger does not cool. He starts yelling on her. Meera wanted to marry her creep BF and when he has run away cheating her, Meera blames Gopi for all this. Ahem can’t take a word against Gopi. Meera says her life is ruined because of her. Gopi recalls Rqdha used to blame her because of Umang, and now its Meera who is blaming her for Sanskaar. Gopi gets broken up as she lost to her daughter. Gopi tries to open Meera’s eyes and shows the message sent by Sanskaar. Meera reads it and screams out No, Sanskaar can’t cheat me. She gets heart broken and shatters. Meera understands Sanskaar cheated her and apologizes to Ahem, changing her colors suddenly. She gets ready to go home with them and plans something in her mind.


Sandhya recalls her duty towards her country for which she has sworn at the time of joining, and also her duty towards her family. She thinks about oath to serve the country and her marriage vows with Sooraj. She thinks about growing age of Bhabho and Babasa, Chavi and Zakir’s marriage responsibility, and most of all her little son who needs her always. Bharat asks her answer and she says its her yes for the mission.

Sandhya to fulfill duty towards country over family in DABH


Post the wedding, Ranvir goes to his room and Ishani sticks to him. Ishani knows Ranvir is not responsible for any misdeed and is madly in love with Ranvir again. She gets inside the bride and groom’s room and surprises him being in Ritika’a place. Ranvir sees Ishani in Ritika’s place and gets shocked. Ranvir and Ishani are finally together. She locks the room and he gets puzzled seeing her in his room. They have a nok jhok and fight again. Ishani is hurt after Ritika attacked her. She says she wants to be with him, and asks him to take the keys to go out of the room. Amba and Ritika find them together inside the room and a drama follows. Ishani keeps the keys with herself and he runs after her to get the keys. They have some romantic argument and end up getting intimate. All this developments raise the question: Has Ranvir married Ishani in the marriage mandap or not? Did Ishani succeed in stopping Ranvir and Ritika’s marriage or is this any dream sequence?

Ishani to alert RV about Ritika’s truth and crimes revelation in MATSH


Prem has done another mistake inorder to rectify the old one. Sujata slaps him after he shows the divorce papers to Simar. Simar scolds him for saying this very conveniently. The family gets annoyed with Prem. They all try to explain Simar to keep the family united. Sujata requests Simar to give a chance to Prem. Sujata apologizes to her for Prem’s biggest mistake. Simar asks Prem not to live with her as per his wish, but she will leave the house instead of him. The family does not let her leave and explain her how they all need her.

Dream Girl:

Laxmi gets stunned when Samar tells the media that he does not know her. Ayesha tells her that she has known about their growing love and asks Laxmi to sit back and regret now to reject Raj’s proposal. She says she did not value love on time and now she will regret knowing Raj Samosawala is Samar Sareen. Samar leaves with a heavy heart and Ayesha makes sure Laxmi does not reach him. Ayesha asks her staff to keep an eye on Laxmi, whenever she comes Navrang. Laxmi calls up Samar for some rehearsals and meets him. Samar does not wish to hear anything from her. She asks him to give her a chance to explain. Ayesha gets Laxmi’s letter and thinks Samar will never give another chance to his love. Will Laxmi be able to convince Samar?

Sadda Haq:

Sanyukta is going to face difficult times ahead with her mom Anju passing away after battling brain tumour illness. The death of her mom brings sadness and grief and gets more shocked to find what her mom wrote in the will. Anju also left a gift for Sanyukta which doesn’t find support from her dad who wants her to not accept it. Not only Sanyukta finds her mom’s gift surprising but also Randhir. What will be that gift that made Sanyukta and Randhir to develop some shock ? On another front, Abhay Singh Ranawat’s [ASR] tests Randhir’s patience and relationship with Sanyukta by his manipulation resulting in Randhir’s car failing the test and Parth succeeding. Randhir wants to be number one and show cold vibes towards Parth. ASR’s believe is criticism driving the best out of someone and applies to Randhir’s case. Will his believe proves to be right ? What turn will Randhir & Sanyukta’s relationship take post her mom’s death ?


  1. in matsh….omg what is going to happen??
    whether ranveer is believing ishani or not….he should have not marrird rithika….


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