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Yuvraaj is handcuffed by the police and has been accused of a murder. He has been blamed by Soumya and Krishna for stabbing Radhe. Suhani couldn’t see her husband in hand cuffs and stops the Police. She tells that Yuvraaj is ready to surrender and asks not to take him while being in handcuff. She is very tensed about the ongoing Krishma and Soumya’s drama. Yuvraaj was following Radhe. Radhe jumped in the pool and took his life. Suhani is sure that Yuvraaj didn’t push Radhe and determines not to let anything happen to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj tells her that he did not push Radhe. The blame of Radhe’s condition comes on Yuvraaj. Is this any planned game by Krishna?


Ahem, Jigar, Gopi, Tolu, Kokila reach the police station, as Sanskar is locked up there and getting third degree torture. Sanskar tells Ahem to free him as he returned their money and Meera also. Ahem bails him out and threatens not to roam near Meera else he will kill him. They came here to settle scores with Sanskar. Later, Jigar goes to pick Rashi from school and Paridhi gets irked. There will be a new drama revolving Pari, Rashi and Jigar. There is possibility of Paridhi to meet with an accident in the upcoming track.


Ishaani reaches hospital in an injured condition. Shikhar holds her hand before she is taken to the OT. Shikhar couldn’t stop crying and prays for Ishaani’s life. Ishaani says Ritika did her accident and she gets injured. She gains consciousness and talks to Shikhar. She rushes to stop Ranvir and Ritika’s marriage.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti slips in the temple because of her grandson’s to be- wife Riya. Shanti gets angry and yells at her after staring her angrily. Riya tries to help her get up. She goes to temple to impress Shanti and pray for her life. Shanti got a chance to reject Riya for her son and is happy. It is yet to be seen if she becomes Shanti’s bahu or not. Sarla shows Riya’s pic to Shanti saying she has chosen her for Amit. Shanti gets angry seeing Riya and dismisses the proposal, saying she can never accept Riya for Amit. Riya loves Shivam and tries hard to know about his family.


Saket is getting romantic and applies haldi on Devika’s face. Devika is in Ravi’s dreams and didn’t want him to apply haldi on her. She gets sad and teary eyed. Her eyes are looking for Ravi, who will return to her very soon. Saket tries to divert her attention. Saket confesses love to Devika once again. His confession makes her more tensed. Saket fools Ananya and tells her that he will not do the haldi rituals. Ananya sees the haldi function going on and reminds Saket about telling everyone the truth of her pregnancy. Ravi wishes to get just one evidence to expose Saket’s true face.


Vandita gives birth to a baby girl. Ishita informs her Bala that he got a little daughter. Bala gets happy and rushes to meet Vandu and his daughter. Everyone is happy and is thankful to Raman for helping out Vandu. Ishita is happy as her sister delivered a baby girl. Raman and Romi took her to hospital with much difficulty, despite heavy rains and traffic jams. Mrs. Bhalla tells Vandu that your family is completed now, with Shravan and this little princess. This is a moment for happiness for Ishita and Iyer family. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ishita and congratulates her. They all miss out Mrs. Iyer.


Neil and Ragini’s knok jhok continues. Dr. Neil gets jealous seeing his wife Ragini with Dr. Aman and eats many chillis. He couldn’t take it and drinks water. Neil gets emotional and teary eyed. Ragini asks him why did he do this and is in dilemma.


Ragini takes Swara to make her meet Laksh in the temple. Ragini goes to do puja, leaving them together.She prays to God to get her a good life partner and has some plan in mind. Ragini tells Laksh about Swara being in love with him. Laksh gets happy as his dream will be fulfilled to see Swara with him as his wife. Swara is ready to sacrifice for her sister and can’t move ahead. Laksh and Swara look at each other after knowing about each other feelings.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Vasundara has chosen Thapki for Dhruv and wants to test her abilities to see if she qualifies to become her daughter in law. Thapki is unaware of Vasundara’s intentions. Dhruv finds Thapki unique and sweet. He starts liking her. Vasundara thinks to keep Thapki always around Dhruv to keep a smile on his face. Vasundara does not know about Thapki’s stammering till now and that’s the one thing which will be bringing a new twist in the show. Vasundara dislikes the people who stammer and how will she react when she gets to know Thapki’s stammering problem. Will Thapki’s stammering overshadow her good qualities?


Rudra meets Ashwathama and gets honor being the Garuda head. Rudra wins the battle with Ashwathama. The Garudas clear the task to get through the first door by using Charles and Rudra’s united powers. The Naags follow the Garudas and aim to get through the door after Garudas have won over Ashwathama. Dansh tells Rudra that he has been waiting for this day and wants to come along. Garudas get new task to stop Naags from getting Amrit, and has many more hurdles at the entrance of every door.


  1. nowadays kkb was vry intrstng….and I am a vry big fan of it…..but no spoilers about kkb..vry sad. ..plz..add kkb nxt tym…plzzz….


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