Akbar strives to free Jodha from Laboni’s evil spirit in Jodha Akbar



Jodha silently bears the evil spirit of Laboni whom she has killed, and Laboni by possessing Jodha’s body desires to spend nights with Akbar. Akbar, his mom Hamida, Ruks come to know of Jodha being possessed with Laboni’s evil spirit. Its the turn of Akbar to prove relief to Jodha in the same way she stood by him when his ego overpowered him to defy God. Akbar isn’t aware that Jodha didn’t share about Laboni’s spirit because she cannot see any harm to him or his mom Hamida from Laboni’s soul.

Akbar strives with devotion to save Jodha and failed in the first attempt since Laboni’s soul overpowered Gul – a knowledgeable lady having the capacity to ward off the spirit. He is well aware of the harm that Laboni’s soul can inflict on Jodha so takes utmost care. Jodha is treated next by Yogi Uday, and she reveals to him about Laboni’s possession and seeks his help. The question is, Will Jodha be able to get rid of Laboni’s soul easily or need to face more troubles and pain ? Laboni’s soul has not only brought pain to Jodha and Akbar but also made Salim mistaken about his mom’s wholehearted approval for Anarkali. Salim openly informed Jodha on not loving Maan Bai and his love is Anarkali, an ordinary dancer, and wasn’t aware of Laboni’s soul control on Jodha’s body. Anarkali has developed expectations after Salim breaking news of Jodha’s approval. What will happen to Salim-Anarkali’s relationship stance once Laboni’s control over Jodha comes out in open ?


On other front, Salim have been facing covert attacks from his step-brother Murad who has been instigated by his uncle Shahabuddin. Murad wants to get to the throne and can harm or kill Salim in reaching the goal. But it will not be easy for Murad since his uncle Shahab face questioning for his actions by Akbar’s confidante. Will there be a stop to Murad’s ambitions to get the throne if Shahab’s instigation and the crime gets revealed to Akbar ?


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