Bindass NAACH, new show on Bindass TV starring  Shantanu Maheshwari, Macedon Dmello and Nimit Kotian,  Coming Soon – Promo


Bindass NAACH - new show from Bindass TV

Bindass NAACH – Any Body can Dream (ABCD) is the new show offering from Bindass TV, and a Disney ABCD franchise. It follows the journey of three passionate youngsters – Shantanu, Macedon and Nimit during their trail of reaching the zenith in Dance. The show stars actors and dancers – Shantanu Maheshwari, Macedon Dmello and Nimit Kotian in the leads. All three shared screen space and work together in Channel V India’s Dil Dosti Dance – D3. The dance forms the crux of the show and promises to be never-seen before concept. The trio playing the primary characters share the same name as their original ones.


The journey is not an easy ride as there are many obstacles in between and qualities of accepting responsibilities, team work are going to be tested. The lessons learnt will make them an unifying force so as to collectively embark on their dream of proving themselves to the world. The underlying elements are friendship, courage, passion, ambition, discipline, and inspiration. Shantanu also takes part in acting alongwith his core talent – dancing, and faces the taunts from people who are circumspect about his dual abilities. He also encounters troubles during his sleep because of the mounting pressures, and taunts. He reminisces on how people informed him that acting is not everyone’s cup of tea and he should instead focus on dancing alone.

Finally, the trio will go on to succeed in representing their country – India, internationally alongwith their Dream team. The show touches on the aspect of real-life as it recreates actor Shantanu Maheshwari’s real-life odyssey – adventures and passionate journey. While it is clear the dance is the core but there are some questions remaining regarding the acting part. Whether acting was learnt to complement their dancing skills or is there more to the story ? The show is expected to start in a month or two. Stay tuned to Bindass NAACH on Bindass TV.

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