Shikhar to halt RV-Ritika’s marriage and provide emotional support to Ishani



RV misses Ishani dearly even though he himself has brought the divorce matter into picture. Ritika fears her marriage with RV could face problems from Ishani and thus contracted someone to harm her. Ritika’s plan worked and Ishani gets attacked and is taken to the hospital with Shikhar on her side. Shikhar feels pain to see Ishani in injured condition, and starts to cry and pray for Ishani’s life. Ishani gets treated and reveals to Shikhar on how her attack took place and blames Ritika for her condition. She wants to run to stop RV and Ritika’s marriage. But have earlier served a notice from police on RV’s behest asking her to stay away from his marriage and even not staying in the same city until the wedding gets completed.

Shikhar comes to Ishani’s help and manages to take her to RV-Ritika’s marriage venue. Ishani goes on to expose Ritika infront of RV, Amba and others. She also reminds RV that they haven’t realized their divorce, and also brings forward the love. However, RV isn’t convinced about Ishani and her love and instead reminds her of his pain and also regards her playing game with people’s lives. With RV not heeding to Ishani’s arguments comes a twist with Shikhar coming forward to defend Ishani and also stopping RV’s marriage at the last moment. Shikhar brings the divorce papers which cleary states the divorce haven’t realized and this means in legal terms RV cannot marry Ritika. In this way, Shikhar’s efforts are the key in bringing a halt to RV and Ritika’s marriage.


Later on, Ishani gets distraught with RV’s behavior and can go to the extent of getting drunk and not caring about herself. Shikhar again consolidates her and provides help in her distress time. He lifts her to provide emotional support and showers care. Shikhar has provided similar support to Ishani before when she walked aimlessly in waters and he saved her life. Therefore, Shikhar with his selfless love cares foremost for Ishani’s happiness but with RV’s rejection he doesn’t know how to pave the path for Ishani and RV reunion. Will RV realize his mistake on shunning Ishani and her love, and come to terms with Ritika’s truth ?


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