Sanyukta faces emotional dilemma: Fulfilling bereaved mom’s last wishes vs. Fighting dad’s unjust demands


Sanyukta with her mom Anju

Sanyukta continues to face indifference and male chauvinism from her dad and brother even after her mom’s death.  She faces a big dilemma after her mom’s death and it is because of her mom’s will. Sanyukta learns that her mom has transferred 33 % of stake in Agarwal’s business company to her, and is written in the will. Moreover, she also recollects on her mom’s last wishes that she should never leave either her studies – engineering or dreams mid-way or incomplete. The will directs Sanyukta should be present when important decisions are taken for the company. Sanyukta reminisces her mom’s words that she should not leave the home and also listen to her father’s words. While all these developments could have gone smoothly but that’s not the case since Sanyukta’s dad Agarwal and brother Ankit are only concerned on getting back the Sanyukta’s business stake and cannot see her possessing it.

She is informed by her dad that the company only belongs to Ankit and therefore she needs to leave the company. Ankit makes it clear that she needs to handover the stake legally to him without any second thoughts. Sanyukta gets teary eyed with her dad and brother’s outright chauvinistic behavior. Nevertheless, she controls her emotions with courage but the dilemma continues to remain with her. She vows to fulfill her mother’s last wishes of succeeding in her dream team and engineering. But the situation at her home pushes her to forego her mom’s words on staying at home and listening to her dad. In Sanyukta’s turbulent times, Randhir provides emotional support and consolidation and she is thankful to him. What will be Sanyukta’s final take, will she succumb to her father’s unjust demands, or go against him ?


On other hand, Randhir just wants to prove himself in doing the best and took the helper’s role in the dream team to gain Abhay Singh Ranawat’s confidence. He was researching on hacking systems and succeeds in hacking the system to leak ASR’s latest innovative car design. In this way, Randhir hits out at ASR while proving a point also to Parth. Some time back, ASR manipulated in Randhir’s downfall in the test to assess his reaction with critique and how he handles it. After the leaks, ASR wants to know the person involved in it. Will ASR come to know of Randhir’s role in the leak, and what will be his next step ?

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