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Median zing spoilers


Kabir stays away from Nisha due to misunderstanding about her happiness. Viraj at his end has been introspecting on Nisha’s happiness and whether she will be happy with him or not. Nisha makes him clear again after the divorce development that he can marry her but she will be like a lifeless person. Nisha’s words leave an impression on Viraj and the realization of Nisha’s true happiness is not with him comes to forefront. It was expected that Viraj letting go of Nisha and stepping back so that Nisha come face-to-face with Kabir and both sorting their issues and misunderstanding. Well, the things fall in place in the same manner and Kabir coming to meet Nisha after realizing his mom’s ploys and plotting which resulted in the misunderstanding. Finally, in the end Kabir proposes to Nisha in-front of her entire family and they become the lovestruck married couple.

Full Post: Nisha Aur Uske Cousins to bid adieu on a happy note with Nisha-Kabir’s Love & Family Reunion


Ishani gets attacked by Ritika and recovers at hospital quickly due to Shikhar’s help. She goes ahead to expose Ritika infront of RV, Amba and others and tries to stall the marriage by saying it cannot happen. She reminds about RV that their divorce haven’t realized, and also their love. RV speaks of his pain and suffering and suggests she played game with lives. Shikhar brings the twist by bringing RV and Ritika’s marriage to a halt. He accomplishes it by informing RV that he cannot marry Ritika, and brings the incomplete divorce papers and proceeding to forefront.

Shikhar to halt RV-Ritika’s marriage and provide emotional support to Ishani


Arjun shrugs Radhika again by saying he won’t care even if she comes under a car’s wheels. But their destiny has something else to present, Radhika finds Arjun going to be hit by a fast moving van and runs to save him. As a result, she pushes him away but herself gets injured after meeting the accident. Radhika lies on the ground with her injury and blood oozing out from her head. Arjun gets much worried with Radhika’s condition and realizes how she saved his life by putting her own. He puts effort to provide immediate treatment to Radhika and earnestly awaits for her full health recovery. Radhika’s attempt to save Arjun’s life has weaved a new chapter in their new found relationship and manmarzian.


Mrs. Bhalla tells Vandu that your family is completed now, with Shravan and this little princess. This is a moment for happiness for Ishita and Iyer family. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ishita and congratulates her. The show is riding high with the comic flavor put in the recent episodes, and some more to come. Vandu’s baby girl is named as Raman Bhalla by mistake. This makes Vandu yell at Bala. It so happens that the nurse wanted to know the name of the baby and Raman was engrossed in speaking on phone. He was upset with the distraction by nurse and gives his name without being mindful of what is asked. Things get sorted and Vandu is welcomed at home after getting discharged. Mrs. Bhalla dresses as Mrs. Iyer to fill in for her and to make Vandu happy. On another front, the planned leap has been postponed to a later date, bringing relief to ardent YHM fans.


Sanskar gets bailed out from Ahem after getting threatened to not roam near Meera, and abides by Ahem’s words. Meanwhile, Meera is being monitored by Kokila and Gopi so that she don’t exploit their weakness. Meera loves Sanskaar and her tears indicate the same. Later on, the modi family receives a guest. Sanskaar comes there in the disguise of a seller woman and intends to meet Meera. Sanskaar as a woman tries to impress Kokila and Gopi so as to not get identified. How about Sanskaar’s intentions for Meera, are they really genuine and true ?

Maharana Pratap:

Pratap’s son Amar Singh is in the war and that’s why Pratap and Ajabde are tense. Amar Singh is fighting in a war to save Mewar. Ajabde is crying remembering him and thinks when her son will return home from war, and Pratap gives her strength with his words to make her feel strong emotionally. Chakrapani comes just then and informs her that Amar Singh is fine. Ajabde feels proud for her son. There comes another problem for Pratap and Ajabde as they have lack of grains for their people.

Shastri Sisters:

Rohan reaches Astha’s home and scolds her for her cheapness and dirty tricks to bring shame to their family. Astha sees him mad in anger and asks him to leave from her home. Rohan angrily tries to molest her, according to her fake blame and Alka enters the home. She stops Rohan and takes him along. Astha gets shocked by Rohan’s changed behavior. Alka brings Rohan home and confronts him about this nasty behavior. Rohan shares his pain with her and says Astha has ruined their lives. Will Astha free Rohan off the blames? On the other hand, Kajal has been playing safe and police doubt on Sareens for her disappearance. Inspector Guggal decides to find the real culprit and arrest Sareens for Kajal’s murder blame.

Rohan to take revenge from Astha; Kajal to get Sareens arrested in Shastri Sisters


Akshara is back at her home in Singhania’s house post her grand marriage and gets back into her routine. Naira faces a small challenge since she needs to adjust and shares the room with Mishti with whom she took good amount of time to become friends. Mishti is very young compared to Naira and the age gap brings the adjustment factor.

Jodha Akbar:

Akbar strives with devotion to save Jodha and failed in the first attempt since Laboni’s soul overpowered Gul – a knowledgeable lady having the capacity to ward off the spirit. He is well aware of the harm that Laboni’s soul can inflict on Jodha so takes utmost care. Jodha is treated next by Yogi Uday, and she reveals to him about Laboni’s possession and seeks his help. The question is, Will Jodha be able to get rid of Laboni’s soul easily or need to face more troubles and pain ? Laboni’s soul has not only brought pain to Jodha and Akbar but also made Salim mistaken about his mom’s wholehearted approval for Anarkali. Salim openly informed Jodha on not loving Maan Bai and his love is Anarkali, an ordinary dancer, and wasn’t aware of Laboni’s soul control on Jodha’s body. Anarkali has developed expectations after Salim breaking news of Jodha’s approval. What will happen to Salim-Anarkali’s relationship stance once Laboni’s control over Jodha comes out in open ?

Akbar strives to free Jodha from Laboni’s evil spirit in Jodha Akbar


Radha to sacrifice big for LD’s family. Radha wants to rekindle her marriage with LD, but there was some other thing in store for her. Kabir calls her for film shoot. Radha prays for her family’s happiness and union and goes to film shoot. She is asked to dressed up as a bride, and she assumes that they will be shooting a marriage sequence. She questions Kabir about the same. Kabir holds her hand and takes her to marriage altar. LD and Radha look in shockingly, oblivious to Kabir’s intentions. Kabir reminds Radha of film contract clauses, and asks her to marry him as per the contract, else she has to pay the advance money taken for the films. Radha gets shocked as with no option left, she decides to marry Kabir to save LD’s home. LD gets in shock and thinks Radha don’t love him. Radha asks LD to give her a divorce, as she is marrying Kabir. She is teary eyed and regrets signing the contract without reading the clauses. LD shares with Dada ji that Radha asked for a divorce, and thinks she still loves him. Dada ji is surprised and thinks to find out about Radha’s move. Meanwhile, Dada ji will know the truth about Jayshree’s hand behind LD and Radha’s separation before the leap and decides to expose her infront of family.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Sakshi gets angered on Thapki seeing how she is eating up all the credits every time and conducts a mock interview wherein she humiliates Thapki for her stammering problem. Thapki takes someone’s interview and her stammering becomes a big problem in her eyes. She breaks down seeing everyone laugh on her and confidence dips. Dhruv gets to know about this. Thapki goes home and cries recalling the incident. Dhruv visits her at home and takes her to office, where he has kept a real interview to be conducted by Thapki. He motivates Thapki and boosts her confidence, much to Sakshi’s shock. Dhruv finds a good friend in Thapki and Vasundara decides to turn this friendship into a strong relation of marriage. Will Vasundara get to know about Thapki’s stammering and still accept her?

Dhruv bonds with Thapki; Vasundara decides to get them married in Thapki Pyaar Ki…


Bhagya looks for Chakor and lands up at Manohar’s room where she hears Manohar and Lakhan planning against Ishwar and Chakor. Manohar tells Lakhan that they need to gather proof to free Bhaiya ji and then they will not spare Ishwar and Chakor. Bhagya repeats the words after them and Manohar spots her. He gets angry and asks what did she hear. He aims gun at her and Chakor reaches there on time. She gets shocked to see Manohar did not change and was just acting. Manohar sees Chakor and starts drama again. Chakor takes Bhagya and leaves, while Bhagya tries to tell her what she has heard there. Will Chakor find about Manohar’s plans in making?

Chakor to witness Manohar’s devious face in Udaan


Dida comes to know about Ragini and Sanskar’s link up earlier. She gets shocked to hear simpleton Ragini doing a big crime like kidnapping, along with Sanskar. She decides to inform everyone and steps down the stairs, but slips and gets injured. It is yet to be seen it she dies, fulfilling the wish of Dadi as she wants to see her dead to end the enmity. Ragini will be at first feel bad and then will think it is good for her motive. However, in the Kali Temple, Sanskar signs goon to throw acid on Swara. Laksh happens to see the man approaching towards Swara with acid, and rushes to save her in the nick of time. The police arrives there and catches the goon. Swara proves to the police that the man is behind Ragini’s kidnapping and MMS scandal. Laksh is proved innocent by her and this will make Durga Prasad have soft corner for her. Annapurna is still reluctant about Swara’s good nature and don’t approve her for Laksh.

Doli Armaanon Ki: 

Urmi cries profusely post Ishaan’s death and her wounds will take time to heal. The upcoming leap will show grown-up Shaurya who vows to take care of his mum. Actress Neha Marda is going to be replaced by TV and film actress Manasi Salvi, who portrayed the role of Adi’s mother in Star Plus show Pyaar Ka Dard Hai. The leap going to take place in effect from 26th June, 2015. Manasi Twitter and Wikipedia page.

Mansi Salvi as new Urmi in Doli Armaanon Ki
Mansi Salvi as new Urmi in Doli Armaanon Ki

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Simar and Prem’s children – Sanju and Anjali are kidnapped and this creates much friction between the couple. Simar is in tears with the kidnapping and also because of her relationship with Prem is on the rocks. Anjali comes back home but Sanju is still not found. Simar’s prayers are answered for Anjali’s return and she awaits for Sanju. On other front, Rajveer tries to overcome the troubles he received at the hand of Simar and even got a life thanks to Simar since Maya wanted to take his life. In this see-saw between Rajveer and Simar, who will take the upper hand in the end, and how about Simar’s relationship with Prem going to shape up in future.



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