Misha to turn Sid’s psycho lover; Shiv to know her truth in Jamai Raja


jamai raja211

Misha is in hospital after her kidnapping and molestation. She wakes up and claims to love Sid. Doctor tells that she has forgot her recent memory. She hugs Sid and acts as loving him. Roshni gets shocked seeing it. Misha is to hinder Sid and Roshni’s romance. Roshni hugs Sid and cries. Sid sits at Misha’s bed side. Misha acts madly and says she needs Sid. Sid gets confused what to do, as Misha needs him and Roshni is his love. Sid feels guilty for Misha’s condition. Roshni asks Sid to take a decision for Misha’s well being. DD comes and asks what is it? Sid is in dilemma to choose his responsibility or love.

Later on, Misha is seen beating up Roshni’s dad Shiv and did not leave her parents too. She kidnaps all of them and shows her new avatar. Misha is mad about Sid and crazily stares at his pics. She says she is waiting for him since long time. She is his psycho lover and planned her future with Sid. She tears his pic in anger and hugs it. Her parents try to stop her madness and ties them with ropes. Shiv also tries to explain her that this is madness, she is cheating everyone and even to her best friend Sid. He asks is this the way to return Sid’s favors. Misha beats him and says she will break Sid and Roshni. How will Sid save himself from Misha’s madness? Keep reading.



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