Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 4 Episode 11 starring Sheena Shahabadi & Arjit Taneja, 26th June 2015 on Zing TV – Promo


Arjit Taneja and Sheena Shahabadi in PTKK

The story is about Kartik and Ankita. Kartik belongs to a rich family while Ankita comes from a middle-class family. Moreover, Ankita’s father is a employee of Kartik’s dad. Ankita and Kartik fall in love knowing well about the financial divide. He proposes to her on the road amidst rain in a romantic style. He speaks of getting half-mad in her love and earnestly asks her to say yes for marrying him. She replies yes with much happiness. He puts the ring on her hand and showers a hug bringing delight on both their faces. Later on, Ankita is told by her dad that he is mere an employee of Kartik’s dad and therefore there can’t be a relationship between a employee and boss and suggests only respect can prevail. Ankita gets teary eyed with her dad’s disapproval for marriage, and informs the same to Kartik. Kartik suggests they will elope for marriage and realizes their marriage.


Later, he comes home and his dad makes it clear on not accepting the marriage and asks him to forget Ankita. Kartik decides to leave his family home and goes on to stay in a modest rented home to begin his marital life. To make ends meet the couple look for jobs. Very soon, Ankita gets a job and informs Kartik with much glee. Kartik gets happy with her job news. Soon after, she realizes that Kartik is not careful in spending money and reminds him they are not staying at his family mansion. He admits on having lived a life with all leisures before so its hard for him to spend money carefully. After a while, they begin to develop petty fights. Kartik starts to hang out with his friends who are girls and Ankita gets insecure and develops her inhibitions to see her husband spending good amount of time outside. She decides to talk with him to sort out the matter. Will Kartik realize his mistake and steer Ankita in getting rid of her insecurity and doubts ? Will Kartik able to take care of his responsibilities and bring back love and happiness in his married life with Ankita ? Stay tuned to PTKK this Friday (today) @ 7 PM on Zing TV.

Info on Cast: 
* Kartik is portrayed by model and actor Arjit Taneja
– Arjit currently works in the role of Purab in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya. Arjit’s Twitter page

* Ankita is portrayed by actress Sheena Shahabadi
– Sheena was born on 10 April 1986 in Mumbai, and daughter of actress Sadhana Singh.
– She made her debut in a Bollywood movie Teree Sang in 2009, and have also worked in Telugu movies. Sheena’s Wikipedia page.

Sheena Shahabadi in elegant pose, Image source: Sheena’s Wikipedia page

Sneak Peek:
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