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Jamai Raja:

Misha has gone crazy in Sid’s love. She creates a big mess in the party and shows her psycho avatar to everyone. Sid calms her down and Misha shows her madness to the limit. She threatens Sid that she will commit suicide and sticks to him. She cries and hurts herself. Roshni asks Sid to take a decision to secure Misha’s life. They decide that Sid will marry Misha and they separated once again. Sid agrees to Misha’s warnings. She asks him to marry her and takes an oath from him. Sid and Roshni take the mutual decision and it gets very tough for them. Misha attacks a lady in the party and hits her head. Roshni sacrifices her love and falls in Misha’s emotional torture. Sid hugs Misha and consoles her.

KumKum Bhagya:

Bulbul’s sangeet is going on and everyone is enjoying the functions with great enthusiasm. This is the third time that they are going through the rituals. Dadi behaves like a youngster and dances on a punjabi song. Abhi is trapped between Pragya and Bulbul as they ask him to dance with them. Abhi finally dances with both on the song Aadat Se Majbur. Bulbul and Purab give a performance, followed by Aaliya’s performance. There is a twist to the show, as Tanu’s parents come and ask Abhi to get married to their daughter during Purab and Bulbul’s marriage rituals. There is a possibility that Aaliya may marry Purab instead of Bulbul.

Doli Armanon Ki:

Urmi is facing problems again by her arrogant daughter. Damini did not change and wants to take revenge from Urmi by making her separate from her son Shauya, as she has lost her son Ishaan. Shaurya is obedient and a good son. Kunal Karan Kapoor would be seen as her son Shaurya, while Nalini Negi of Laut Aao Trisha fame will be playing Urmi’s daughter Ishani. Damini controls Ishani by her sweetness and makes her against Urmi. Ishani keeps hurting Urmi by her rudeness and blames her to be responsible for her father Ishaan’s death.

* Kunal Karan Kapoor last worked in Colors TV’s Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha as Mohan Bhatnagar in 2012-2013, and worked opposite actress Aakansha Singh. Kunal’s Wikipedia and Twitter page.

* Nalini Negi portayed the titular role of Trisha in Life Ok’s Laut Aao Trisha.

Kunal Karan Kapoor as Shaurya
Nalini Negi









Sarika has given birth to Romi’s baby and the baby has finally come back in Romi’s arms. Everyone get happy seeing Romi’s child and Romi cries happily. The big task is to get the baby in their family. Raman and Ishita find out Sarika and they get to see the baby. The family meets the baby at the court. Ishita says she will try her best to get the baby at home. Sarika gives her baby to someone else to take revenge from Bhalla family. They get the baby at the adoption centre and try to find Sarika now.


Kokila has made Meera away from the family to make her realize the family value and love of her parents. She tells everyone that she will make Meera know their value and keeps a pakoda party at home. Gopi cries missing Meera at the dining party and says she is selfless to love Meera. She gets hurt seeing Meera away. They get stunned as few goons tease Meera and they all rush to save her. Kokila asks the family to hold their emotions and not show much concern to Meera, so that she does not take them granted.

Qubool Hai:

New Sanam is doing black magic on Aahil’s Sanam/Jannat in dark room as she hates Jannat very much. She knows how to do black magic and needs no help. The black magic is showing effects on Sanam/Jannat and she is getting unwell. Jannat and Shaad are getting closer, and Aahil is jealous seeing them together. Aahil safeguards Jannat from the new Sanam’s black magic. Jannat starts getting short of breath and falls down. Aahil and Shaad together pray for Jannat’s recovery. Aahil fails to hold Sanam/Jannat, and Shaad rushes to her on time. New Sanam does black magic on Aahil too and stops Aahil from going to Jannat. Shaad asks Aahil to get close to Jannat and he will help him in bonding with her. Shaad decides to unite them. Aahil keeps Quraan Qaani at home and tries to make Jannat recover her memory. Shaad and Jannat are about to marry and Shaad wishes that Jannat marries Aahil. Shaad says the aim of his life is to see Jannat happy and her happiness lies in Aahil. Jannat prays to Lord to show the face of her love and she gets stunned seeing Aahil’s face. She opens eyes and looks at Aahil. Very soon Jannat will get her memory during her marriage rituals with Shaad.

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Tu Mera Hero:

Titu has proved that he has left his laziness and made Panchi trust him again. Panchi gets convinced seeing Titu doing his work on his own and without Golu’s help. Titu confesses love to Panchi and she agrees to go home with him. Titu lifts Panchi and takes her to Agarwal home. Titu tells Panchi that this time she will really be proud of him. Vaishaili thinks no one will get the stick and ticket given by Ehsaan. Titu and Panchi have a romantic dance in the track ahead.


Soumya realizes Krishna is crossing the line to take revenge from Birla family and misbehaving with Dadi a lot. Dadi does not tell Yuvraaj about the truth that she has the formula with her and fears of his hatred. Dadi helplessly agrees to whatever Krishna orders. Soumya and Suhani have an argument on this and Soumya realizes Krishna is doing wrong with them. Soumya and Krishna will soon know Dadi’s involvement in filing FIR against him.Will Dadi’s truth come out?


Naitik and Akshara have got a new problem, as Karishma is posing annoyance towards Akshara. Karishma gets sad seeing the family giving importance to Akshara and sidelining her. She does all the work and the credit is given to Akshara. Karishma acts rude to Akshara which makes the latter cry. Naitik consoles Akshara. Later on, Naitik asks Naksh to finish his college project and studies. He asks Naksh to get responsible and do any job.

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