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Balika Vadhu:

Akhiraj gets Kundan remarried to another girl. Harki welcomes the newly weds, while Nimboli tries to see her glimpse. The new bride performs the rituals, not knowing about Nimboli being Kundan’s first wife. Kundan raises hand on Nimboli blaming her about hurting his new life. Disa saves Nimboli and tells him that Nimboli has given hot tea to the girl and ends the fake complains. Meanwhile Mannu and Pooja escape from Jaitsar’s home and reach Jhalra. It is the same village where Nimboli is staying with Akhiraj’s family. Looks like Mannu will find Nimboli’s truth and help her reach Anandi. Pooja was to get married to Kundan in her childhood, but the marriage as stopped by Anandi. Akhiraj got angry and kidnapped little Nandini that time to make her marry Kundan.

Pooja to realize Anandi and Nimboli’s relation in Balika Vadhu


Ishita tells Raman that he saved Adi from her anger else Adi would have been slapped by her. They argue again over Adi. Ishita tells him that Adi does mistakes again and again. Ishita tells that Adi was at Vinni’s home watching an ‘A’ Certificate movie and got caught by Vinni’s dad. Raman holds his head and sits tensed. Ishita tells the entire matter to him how Vinni’s dad has warned Adi again. She has supported Adi infront of him and brought him home to seek an answer from him. Ishita regards Vinni to be a spoiled kid who is badly influencing Adi.

Raman and Ishita’s romantic union after concluding Adi’s matter in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ravi comes to save Devika from Saket and challenges Saket that Devika will not marry him. He says Devika is marrying him and he is not a man enough to respect her. Saket tries to make Ravi jealous and acts closer to Devika and embarrasses her. Devika and Ravi feel bad of Saket’s actions. Devika gets happy after getting her mum’s land and her rights. Sakshi tells her that she can fulfill her dreams now. Devika happily cries. Saket ruins her happiness and spoils her mood. Ravi covers Devika with her dupatta and shows concern. Its just one day for her marriage and Ravi will be the angel sent by Ambe Maa to save Devika from marrying the devil Saket.

Shastri Sisters:

Astha gets a lesson of life after Rohan scared her of molestation and made her realize how badly she blamed him. Alka stays annoyed with Rohan and tells him that this mistake is bigger than their strong love. Alka does no forgive Rohan and asks him to fight for justice in court. Alka gets evidence against Astha and shares with Rohan. Astha gets some sense and thinks to take the case back from Rohan and remove all the charges. Alka and Rohan’s relation gets a laidback. Kajal lands in Sareen house and acts great by taking back the missing case from Sareen family’s name. She stops their arrest and starts commanding over them at home as their owner. She talks to everyone with disrespect and threatens them of police and inspector Guggal.

Kajal to rule over Sareen Family, Neil and Devyaani bond again in Shastri Sisters


Ved asks Suraj to give flowers to Sandhya. Suraj and Sandhya gets romantic. He brings a gift and flowers for her. Sandhya asks Suraj to give her a daughter in 10 days. Suraj says okay and realizes what she has asked. Sandhya and Sooraj are sharing good moments. It turns romantic with Sooraj showering her with red roses. He apologizes to her and even she receives the flowers from kids in the lane. Sooraj makes her smile to end her annoyance. She pulls his leg and asks whether he didn’t bring any gift. She asks him for shopping and he agrees.

Jamai Raja:

Misha is in hospital after her kidnapping and molestation. She wakes up and claims to love Sid. Doctor tells that she has forgot her recent memory. She hugs Sid and acts as loving him. Roshni gets shocked seeing it. Misha is to hinder Sid and Roshni’s romance. Roshni hugs Sid and cries. Sid sits at Misha’s bed side. Misha acts madly and says she needs Sid. Sid gets confused what to do, as Misha needs him and Roshni is his love. Sid feels guilty for Misha’s condition. Roshni asks Sid to take a decision for Misha’s well being. DD comes and asks what is it? Sid is in dilemma to choose his responsibility or love.

Misha to turn Sid’s psycho lover; Shiv to know her truth in Jamai Raja

KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya threatens the doctor by the knife and requests her to tell Dadi that she is pregnant. Pragya asks her not to look tensed, its just warning. She says she will do her operation with the knife if she tells the truth. Abhi and Dadi try to hear Pragya and the doctor. The doctor checks Pragya and joins in her drama. Pragya wants to hide about Tanu’s pregnancy from Dadi. When will the pregnancy drama end? Pragya will be soon solving this drama matter and save Abhi from Tanu’s clutches.


Dida lands up in hospital after she falls down the stairs and gets in coma. Ragini feels guilty for her condition, and stays silent when her Dadi (Parvati) ask her about Dida’s (Shobha) accident details. Swara has managed to proved Laksh’s innocence, and with this Durga Prasad gets his lost respect back with a bang. He gets impressed with Swara and instantly approves Swara and Laksh’s alliance. He comes to Garodia’s and asks for Swara’s hand in marriage for Laksh. Shekhar and his family are boggled with Durga Prasad’s changed perception. While Swara is surprised, Ragini gets shocked at thinks to woo Laksh and gets in Swara’s shoes.


Arjun decides to accept Radhika’s friendship and turns into her best buddy as Radhika once wished to have, after seeimg Sam and Neil’s lovely bond of friendship. It was Radhika’s wish to have a strong selfless friendship and this time Arjun will be the one to fill that place. A new journey will be shown in Arjun’s life where Arjun and Radhika will be seen sharing a super sweet bond. Neil and Sam get to know about Radhika’s accident and Arjun’s changed behavior. Nandini’s character was shown in tragic state and now the twist comes where she is not shown dead, and is back in Arjun’s life to push him more towards seeking revenge from Samrat Khanna.

Arjun and Radhika to develop strong friendship; Defining moment post Radhika’s accident in Manmarzian

Sadda Haq:

Randhir just wants to prove himself in doing the best and took the helper’s role in the dream team to gain Abhay Singh Ranawat’s confidence. He was researching on hacking systems and succeeds in hacking the system to leak ASR’s latest innovative car design. In this way, Randhir hits out at ASR while proving a point also to Parth. After the leaks, ASR wants to know the person involved in it. Sanyukta is facing dilemma on fulfilling her mom’s last wishes or going against her father because of his unjust demands. In her tough times, Randhir provides support and she controls her emotions. What will be her final take in tackling her dad ?

Sanyukta faces emotional dilemma: Fulfilling bereaved mom’s last wishes vs. Fighting dad’s unjust demands


Akshara and Naitik get married and have some post marriage rituals now. All the groom’s rituals are performed by Akshara, as the kids tell them about guys and girls equality. The family gets proud of the new generation and their broad thinking. Kids try to steal her sandal, Akshara eyes Naitik and signs him to give money to kids. Naitik gives money to them. The kids happily plan to go on a world tour with the money. Naitik gets Akshara’s grah pravesh done. Naitik’s Mama ji will soon enter the show.  Akshara and Naitik recreate their love story one more time. Naitik and Akshara sit to find the ring in flour dough balls. Naitik gets the ring and makes Akshara wear it by his love.

Naksh plans unique surprises post Naitik-Akshara’s marriage in Yeh Rishta…


Ananya couldn’t conceal her love for Kabir when the book author Nalini speaks up to her on seeing love in her eyes. Kabir at his end holds on to his feelings for Ananya after she vented out her frustration and angst on him in his cabin. Not only Ananya is steered towards her love for Kabir but she also gets jealous with Malvika also much interested in him. Malvika knows Kabir would consider her as a not good match for him so her efforts could be futile. But she still persists to find ways to come closer to Kabir and make Ananya jealous. Amidst this love story, friendship and rejection backdrop, KKN news channel is going for a merger with Kabir leading from front and the channel’s owner KL has given his approval. If the merger materializes, then Kabir’s work responsibility going to increase further.

Ananya’s Love for Kabir gains momentum, and her love confession awaits in Reporters


Bhaiya ji plans with Manohar to make Chakor’s life hell. Manohar tells him that he will kill Chakor as she is coming in their way again. Bhaiya ji asks him to relax and leave things on him. He plans to end Chakor‘s strength and understands that its Ishwar. Manohar tries to make Vivaan against Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar to let Chakor sleep peacefully for few days and then her life will be worst than death. Ragini asks Vivaan to apologize to Chakor. Chakor is welcomed well in the village and also gets the good news of participating in sports event. Ishwar and Arjun made it possible for her again. Suraj aims revenge at Chakor for his parents’ state. He joins hands with Prince and goes to hurt Chakor. They both get locked in the post office and shout for help. Chakor lies in Kasturi’s lap and recalls the old good time. She gets very happy to be with her family.


Garudas and the Naags find the door to the next terracotta region and Rudra makes it late in order to save Thapadiya Maai. She was caught under the big boulders and Rudra brings her back. The Garudas wait for them near the door and can’t proceed without the Garuda head Rudra. Thapadiya Maai slaps Rudra and asks him why did he not go leaving her as she would have sacrificed herself in their aim. Rudra tells her that she is like his mother and hugs her. Dansh gets restless as sunset happens and fears of Bali. King Bali gets active again. He attacks Dansh and a fight begins again.

Rudra to save Dansh from King Bali; Garudas and Naags team up in Mahakumbh

Qubool Hai:

Shaad calls the shooter at home to kill Aahil on pretext of pest control. The man aims at Aahil and Jannat looks on. She goes and saves Aahil. Shaad understands that though Jannat has not got her memory, she still loves Aahil. Shaad knows she is Aahil’s wife Sanam and has seen her heart inclinations towards Aahil. Aahil has won his love finally and Shaad gets sad to lose his Jannat. Jannat gets thinking about her heart favoring Aahil and finds some truth in Aahil’s story.


Manjeet starts breaking Ranvi and Veera’s happiness by instigating Gunjan against Veera. When Ranvi shows his concern more towards Veera, knowing her excess pain to lose Ratan, Gunjan starts feeling low. Veera bursts her anger when Gunja throws the food made by Ratan and creates a huge scene. Bansuri fills her ears and asks Gunjan to control Veera from dominating her life. Gunjan asks Veera to touch anything at home by her permission, which makes Veera leave home. She goes back to her inlaws and Baldev tries knowing the reason. Bansuri tells Gunjan that Veera has left to make Ranvi question Gunjan about her, and this can make them fight again. Gunjan gets worried. Veera comes back home and Gunjan realizes Veera can’t make her relation with Ranvi fall into trouble. Veera and Gunjan apologize to each other. Manjeet tries to make Gunjan against Veera by using petty matters and shows Veera’s value more than her in Ranvi’ life. Will Gunjan start disliking Veera?


Sanjana is kidnapped and Mata ji is unable to get hold of anything. Prem is trying to help out and Simar blames him for everything. Prem ends ties with her, shocking the family. Prem is hurt by Simar’s words and calls her to ask her to meet him for the final time. He stands at the end of the cliff and wants to end his life. Simar gets shocked and rushes to meet Prem.

Piya Rangrezz:

There is a grand party at home kept by Rani. Sher Singh is caught in dilemma. Rani dances with much fervor. Bhanvari Devi came home after long time. Shraddha doubts Rani to be present there. Rani spikes the drink to trap Shraddha. Bhanvari Devi blames Sher for all that what happened and asks why did he favor Rani. Rani has laid a trap and wanted revenge from them. Shraddha goes to save Sher and gets trapped. Sher does not know the planning around him. Rani gets mad in Sher’s love and knows Sher does not love his wife Shraddha.

Dream Girl:

Samar stays annoyed with Laxmi and also hurts her in the coordination workshop. Laxmi still tries to end his annoyance and Karan helps her. Ayesha plans against Laxmi and fills Samar’s ears against her. Laxmi fails by her many attempts and decides to quit her dream girl career and also leave the movie. She tells Samar that she will not hurt him more by her presence and go back to Jodhpur. Samar gets angered on her and explains her how the movie matters to Manav, its his ambitious project which he wants to do since years. He says he will not let her ruin Manav’s dreams and this isn’t a joke that she can come and leave Navrang anytime. He yells on her and takes her for the shot. He proposes her in the scene and gives a perfect shot, and pleases Manav.

Laxmi vows to win Samar’s love; Ayesha plots against her in Dream Girl

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

LN gets to know the entire truth about Aseem and Vicky cheating him. He salps Vicky and asks them to leave with their family, else he can humiliate them infront of all the guests. Aseem tells his family that he has decided that this engagement can’t happen. Vicky asks Binny to stay with her parents and takes revenge for LN’s slap. Aseem and Vicky leave with their parents. Binny gets worried about her inlaws reaction. She shares her worry with Mamta. Binny and Mamta does not know the fraud story and start blaming Dylan for ruining their happiness and Dabbu’s engagement. Mamta gets shaken by the stress seeing Binny’s tears and Dabbu’s ill fate. She faints down and the family rushes her to hospital.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Amaya has realized that Mantu loves her too. Barfi questions Mantu about any feelings for Amaya. Mantu tells him that Amaya can’t adjust with him and she is not the one who can take care of him and Chiklu. He says he can never love Amaya and she is good as his friend. Amaya gets angered when Mantu does not inform her before leaving. Mantu messages her good night and she jumps happily, realizing Mantu is also thinking about her as she does. They meet at office next day and she tries to know his likes and dislikes. Rudra and Kaushalya start dominating Sneha’s home by showing fake concern and sugary talks. This makes Jaz doubt on their intentions. Kaushalya troubles them on context on rituals and traditions.

Mere Angne Mein:

Sarla finds Riya washing utensils while giving a demo of the detergent soap and tells Amit that he can’t marry Riya. Amit is adamant that he will marry Riya. Anupam tries to know about Amit and gets positive info from his office, as planned by Amit to fool him. Anupam asks Riya to meet Amit. Riya does not show any interest. Shanti gets the detergent packets at home and asks Kaushalya is she buying them without informing her. She creates a huge drama again and Shivam gets tensed as his office job may come in Shanti’s eyes. He manages the matter. Riya plans to meet Shivam’s family and give him a surprise. How will Shivam manage Riya and Shanti’s meeting at home?


Poonam is going to get married with Lakhan since she has promised to him. She loves Priyom much but doing a sacrifice in love. Priyom marks his entry to find Poonam about to have her marriage with Lakhan, and feels heartbroken. Will there be a good change in Lakhan if his marriage indeed gets realized with Poonam ?

Actress Shivangi Joshi as Poonam in Begusarai. Shivangi had earlier worked in Colors TV’s Beintehaa and Bindass TV’s Love By Chance

Dance Plus:

Dance+ is coming to Mumbai for audition on 28th June thereby completing its final leg. If you have the passion for dance, go ahead to participate to showcase your talent.

[youtube id=]


After RV’s rejection upon hearing Ishani’s expose of Ritika and her crimes, Shikhar puts effort to halt RV-Ritika’s marriage. Ishani gets heartbroken and acts stubborn. Ishani locks RV’s room and doesn’t want to give him the keys when he asks for it. She informs him of not letting him go out of the room. RV thinks he won’t get trap in her trick and manages to jump from the window. Ishaani is surprised to see him going but is relieved since it was her idea to save RV from Ritika.

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  1. No no no no no !
    Poonam can’t marry Lakhan. I loved begusarai when the serial started but where are they taking it now? Poonam and Priyom are supposed to be together!


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