Confusion and drama to add up in Riya and Shivam’s love story in Mere Angne Mein


mere angne mein

Shivam gets sad after Raghav checks him to find the stolen ring as per Shanti’s blames. He gets teary eyed seeing his father not having a bit of trust on him. The family watches them in shock. Raghav does not get the ring and Kaushalya tells Shanti that her son is not a thief. Shanti asks her to get a ring for her. Shivam leaves for office with tears. The ring falls by Shanti’s hand in the grains at the terrace and she does not realize it. Kaushalya makes the Daal and Shanti gets the ring while eating the Daal. She gets angry and scolds Kaushalya for taking revenge from her as she has blamed Shivam. Kaushalya bears more of her injustice and drama. Nimmi gets angry seeing this insult and gets revengeful. The girl’s family comes in Shanti Sadan for Amit’s proposal. Nimmi starts showing Shanti’s true face and taunts her, which makes the family leave and end the alliance. Shanti angrily punishes Nimmi.

Sarla bonds with Riya and shows her interest in making her daughter in law. She asks Riya to act savior to her mother, who is the decision taker in her son’s marriage. Sarla tries to out Shanti in accident situation so that Riya saves her and impresses Shanti. Riya agrees and does not know Sarla’s mum is Shanti Devi. Riya is still mistaken that Shivam is Sarla’s son and is trying hard to impress her and become her bahu. Amit is glad being mistaken that Riya is interested in him. He tries to make Shanti agree for Riya and does a suicide drama. Everyone get this news and rush to Sarla’s house to see Amit. Shivam realizes Riya’s goodness and her interest in him. He apologizes to her for his rude behavior and she gets happy. Riya bonds with Sonal and gets to know that Shivam and Amit are brothers. Their love story starts getting mutual amidst big misunderstandings. Will Shivam get to know about Riya and Amit’s proposal? It has to be seen how Riya puts a full stop to Shanti’s daily drama and become a real savior for Shivam’s family. Keep reading.



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