Dansh kills Leela to make Rudra protect him in Mahakumbh



The Garudas and Naags proceed to the third door. It’s the most chilled place in the terracotta world and Shivanand asks everyone to keep themselves warm, as they can get short of breath and less oxygen to the brain can make them hallucinated. Katherine spots Thapadiya Maai and gets into an argument with Dansh. She slaps Dansh as he misbehaves with her. Dansh gets angry and raises hand on Katherne. Rudra stops him and says he can kill him here itself, as he just needs one Naag to enter the final door towards Amrit, and they have Leela with them. Dansh says he will make them need him and stabs Leela. Leela dies and Dansh laughs saying now Rudra will be protecting him against all dangers to take him till the seventh door to Amrit. Rudra gets angry and Dansh stays cool and evil.

Dansh tells them that all Garudas will lose life one by one and he has not come here to get himself sacrificed. He says he knows very well how Rudra will be needing a Naag at seventh door, as the door protector is his Mahaguru. The show will be bringing seven immortals from the hindu mythology and they will be posing a task for the Garudas to clear the hurdles and move ahead. Rudra and Dansh would be competing for the Amrit, and lastly viewers will be seeing a fight between them. Keep reading.



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