Radhika to reveal Arjun and Nandini’s link in Manmarzian



Arjun asks Sam to arrange a meeting with her parents. Arjun has been waiting for a lot of time to propose Sam and ask for Samrat and Piyali for her hand. He regards Samrat to ditch Nandini for Piyali, and holds grudge for both of them. Nandini is back in his life and has made him a revenge weapon to see painful tears in Samrat’s eyes. Nandini asks him to take revenge for her tears and screams, and reminds Arjun how she had shattered post Samrat’s deceive. The truth happens to be the other side of the coin, with Nandini really being at fault and pressurizing Samrat to marry her, while he refused her explaining he regarded her just a good friend. He was already married to Piyali and had Sam and Jai in his life too.

Nandini’s love for Arjun is also not true as she is not realizing his heart break and his suffering in this process. Arjun meets Samrat and Piyali to tell them that he wants to marry Sam. He recalls how Nandini asked him to marry Sam to get 50% ownership of Birdsong, by which she will be back in Samrat’s life. She asks Arjun to ruin them and start with Samrat’s most valuable Birdsong and his daughter Sam. Arjun tends to fall for Radhika, and has her on his mind every now and then. Radhika lands up in dinner and goes to Arjun to ask him about Nandini. She understands that Arjun is lying to her and thinks to keep an eye on him, to get out the truth about him and Nandini Didi. Will Radhika get to know Arjun’s deepest revenge motives? Keep reading.



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