Ishwar saves Chakor by Bhaiya ji’s deadly attack in Udaan…



Baa is making Bhagya learn communication. Arjun goes to drop Bhagya home. She falls in the mud and he helps her. Bhagya holds him and says she likes him. Arjun too likes her and their love story begins. Baa praises Chakor for her great support to free all the villagers and her bravery. She asks Chakor to make them proud by her achievements and blesses her. Chakor hugs Baa thankfully for her teachings. Chakor gets ready to leave for Lucknow and leaves from her home with a heavy heart. Ishwar takes the kids with him.

Babu sends his goon to keep an eye on Chakor and is obeying Bhaiya ji’s orders to kill Chakor. Ishwar sees some stone and stops the car. The sudden break makes the goon bump his bike into his car. Ishwar apologizes to the man and leaves. The man later fixes the bomb to his car. Chakor and Ishwar stop at the Dhaba and he sends Chakor to sit in the car. He attends a call and gets to know about bomb placed in his car. He runs to save Chakor and brings her out of the car on time. He saves her and gets hurt in the blast. Chakor gets stunned by this incident, and going to get disheartened soon to see Ishwar’s death for the sake of her life.


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