When Love Wins: Ananya & Kabir’s Passionate Love Confession to become a Lovestruck Couple



Kabir has realized his love for Ananya but soon gets to know from her that she is leaving KKN news channel. Ananya at her end also gets pushed to recollect on her love for Kabir by Nalini. Nalini is a author and her writing depict betrayal and pain because of her unhappy past: her boyfriend Shekhar didn’t turn up and sent only a letter for their break-up. Ananya gets to know of Nalini’s take on love and how she has inhibitions on it.


On the other hand, Kabir also finds Nalini to have much pain in love and goes ahead to remove the rationale from her mind which caused her to stay away from love and feel pain. Kabir understands that Nalini in her past outrightly believed that her boyfriend Shekhar has ditched her by not turning up and merely informed her by sending a letter. He also knows she didn’t look into why Shekhar haven’t turned up in first place, what were his constraints and the truth. Kabir plans a set-up by arranging her meet-up with Shekhar and also confession so that finally she can know the truth, and thereby clears the misunderstanding.

While Ananya wants to stay away from Kabir but that is not going to happen. With help from Trisha, Ananya and Kabir come face-to-face in a room and nobody around them. At first, there was some confusion and dissarray but soon its gets resolved. Kabir goes ahead to confess his love to Ananya with I love you message. Ananya gets much awe with Kabir’s love and reciprocates her love with I love you too message. What happens next is a passionate kiss between them to become lovestruck. So, Ananya & Kabir’s love story kickstarted in a big way, and the challenge for them is how are they going to steer ahead in their love. First, will Ananya revoke her decision on leaving KKN, and second the impending entry of Kabir’s ex-wife in their life. Will Kabir & Ananya’s love sail through testing times ahead ?



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